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January was a great month beauty product wise, with new arrivals from Christmas and having the money to treat myself, I came across a few new loves as well as falling back in love with some old favourites. I'm certainly not one to do a favourites post every month, but I feel like I really had genuinely been favoring products recently and they definitley deserve a shout out.

I've been loving two primers this month, one high end and one drugstore. I've talked about both before in their own posts.
Both are completely different and in totally different price brackets, but both equally as amazing.
If my skin feels quite dry, I'll opt for the Soap and Glory One Heck Of A Blot Primer, this is watery primer that really improves the appearance of pores, giving you a flawless base for foundation. It definitley improves the look and wear time of my foundation, for £10 I'm extremely pleased, it's performing better than some of my high end primers.
My high end primer of choice this month was definitley the Tarte Clean Slate Timeless Smoothing Primer, (what a name.)
I can best describe this as a cushiony, mattifying, velvet like and thick paste- but it's totally colour free and it really seems to calm my sensitive skin if it is having a little play up. If this primer was more hydrating, it would be my holy grail without a doubt- unfortunately it's the opposite, and having dry skin this means that I need to very heavily moisturize or use a hydrating primer underneath. If you have oily skin however, this will probably be your new best friend.
It does what it says on the tin, it's quite heavy and thick one the skin, but extremely soft so it's comfortable, it forms a thick layer between your skin and foundation, this layer completely combats pores, lines or other imperfections, my skin is left looking airbrushed and matte, but still pretty natural.

Another pair of products from Lush, I got Charity Pot for Christmas and I've already completely ran out and I'm desperate to re-purchase, I can't go a day without this stuff now, it's pure magic. I raved about this in a post very recently, and my love still goes on. This is my ultimate skin saviour, it fixes scarring, de-hydration and irritation, the 3 problems I suffer with most. I seriously need a lifetimes supply of this.
A lot of people having been loving The Comforter shower cream, it should come as no surprise it's in my favourites, I've been loving it purely for it's smell and bright pink tint. I've asked for the huge bottle for my birthday, because it makes shaving/washing such a joy, it's a little pick me up at the end of everyday. I'm so happy it hasn't upset my skin like most Lush bath products because I am just in love with it's fun, uplifting aroma.

The body shops Vitamin E Face Mist has been the newest discovery, and one of the best I've ever made. I'll be doing a whole post on it tomorrow, so I'll leave out the details, but it's quickly turned into a must have and it deserves a place in my favourites more than anything.

Finally, we have the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade Abu Dhabi. I've literally worn this everyday since it was delivered, there's nothing I can fault about it. The colour suits me well, I love it, the texture is dreamy and the formula is very very long lasting for the £5.50 price tag. Without a doubt I'll be buying a lot more shades of the soft matte lip cream, I'm so impressed with them and they're 100% worth the hype. I've been pairing this with my Louboutin lipliner, and the combination lasts all day, through food, drink and general wear. The super soft doe foot applicator is pretty precise and always gives the perfect amount of product each time.

The 29th of January brings my birthday. so again I'll have money to get my hands on loads of new releases, so a February favourites is highly likely.

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