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Wow, well I never thought I would see the day I was writing about or even using any other concealer but my trustee Nars Creamy Concealer. Move over Nars, I have a new favourite- the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer.
This product is seriously worth the hype, and I can't believe it's took me so long to cave in, but thank God for the impulse buyer inside of me that went for this in the Feel Unique boxing day sale, without you, I may never of experienced just how amazing this product is.

Not only is it cheaper than my usual favourite, but it's so much better, from the packaging to the formula, everything is a mile above. If you're looking for a generally perfect medium/full coverage concealer, this is for you...(sooo, everyone, right?)
Goodbye blemishes, goodbye smudged eye make up, goodbye dark circles and dull skin, this stuff tackles it all.
With it's pretty thick but ultra creamy formula, this glides on and into my skin like a dream, brightening areas and concealing the nasties.
Great to apply with either a brush or just your fingers, such a little amount goes a long way because of the high coverage and thicker formula. Although quite thick, it is not at all drying or cakey.
I personally have dry skin and even on days it's really playing up, this still performs at it's best, it feels very nourishing and hydrating under my eyes, and stays put on any imperfections all day long.

It's an un-detectable coverage product- no matter how much I pile on, it still looks pretty natural and leaves skin luminous and healthy looking, despite it's consistency, it feels ultra light weight on the skin, which is a huge bonus if you're looking to use this for under eyes.

Have you tried this? What did you think?

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