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I recently got myself a new bag from Whistles and it was a pretty huge downsize from what I'm used to, so everything had to be streamlined, and here's what happened.

I swapped my bottle of Soap And Glory Hand Food for a miniature tub of this Jo Malone lotion in Peony and Blush Suede. Hand cream is something that only remains in my bag throughout Winter when my skin can really suffer, dry hands make me very uncomfortable.
I realized that keeping a whole bottle of perfume with me on the go wasn't necessary or practical, so I swapped out my Chanel Chance for this mini Jo Malone cologne in Blackberry & Bay. I find Jo Malone fragrances to be intense and long lasting (and so they should be for the prices,) so this little bottle should last me quite a while. This is for times like when I've been sat in Nandos for an hour and I don't want to walk around shopping smelling like Peri-Peri.

I'm a everyday false lash wearer, so some glue is essential, I can't imagine a worse situation than being out and your lash falling off, not only do the lashes fall off but it takes your eye make up with it, better to be safe than sorry. I took out my larger glass jar of Eyelure LashFix and swapped it for this smaller, lighter squeezy tube.
I also keep a spare mascara in there, at the minute I'm using the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara and I found a deal on QVC for 2 of these full sized for just over the price of 1, so one stays in my dressing table and the other lives in my bag. I'm a big cry baby, and I have super sensetive eyes, so I often have mascara running down my face and I hate my eyes looking bald. I also just generally think this mascara needs topping up after a few hours because it isn't as dramatic as I like. There wasn't really a smaller option here, mini's of mascaras are hard to get a hold of in the UK and it definitley isn't worth it's own Sephora order.

If I am going out, 95% of the time it's to my boyfriends house, meaning that a lot of my make up gets rubbed away through out the day. Foundation being wiped away I can cop with, because I like my skin, but when it comes to my eyebrows...don't touch. I used to take out a glass jar of the Tarte Brow Mousse and a brush, so I've swapped this for the skinny little NARS Brow Perfecter. My boyfriend has a tendency to make me lie in bed all day, so sometimes the tails of my brows suffer and I won't leave without darkening them up again.

I also have a weave, (lol why am I so fake) it's very thick and very long, and it gets easily tangled and flat throughout the day. so I need a comb with me at all times to put in some back-combing and attempt to make the lengths look a little less ratty. I hate nothing more than flat hair, and this is about the skinnyest brush I can get through my hair.

What are your hangbag beauty bits and bobs?

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