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I love my skin and I love looking after it, both face and body I pamper pretty much everyday. This Winter my skin turned very dry and I've had to change things up a little and I thought I'd share with you what's working really well for me incase you're in the same situation.

Johnson's Baby Oil in the bath is a must do, it's created for babies so it's going to be really kind to your skin- water in the bath dehydrates your skin, so adding this into the mix ensures a good balance. If you're feeling really dry, just smother yourself in the stuff, in or out of the bath, pour a whole bottle all over and you'll be feeling like an oil slick...which is actually a really nice feeling when your skins felt so dry for so long.
If you don't like the Johnson's option, at the moment I'm using the Jo Malone Bath Oil, which is obviously ten times the price but it has an amazing, strong and long lasting smell, it's so therapeutic, although not as moisturizing.

If you don't like oils, I've loved pouring in the Nivea In Shower Moisturiser into my bath in the place of my usual bubble bath. Again, this adds so much moisture to your bath water and fights against the heat stripping it out.

When it comes to bath time, avoid hot baths! The hotter the water, the more moisture it will strip from your skin. Make sure your bath water is just warm, warm showers are best, but if you're like me and hate a shower, make sure to keep the water at a lower temperature. I'm not saying it has to be cold, just not so hot it makes your skin red and you have to slowly dip yourself into it...

Two body moisturisers that work spot on for me are Doublebase, Palmers Coco Butter and Lush's Charity Pot. All three are super rich and hydrating, and keep your skin that way for a long period of time.
Doublebase is formulated specifically for dry skin with rashes/eczema and it's honestly a miracle in a bottle. You can buy Doublebase at a pharmacy/pharmacy online, the huge bottle will last you ages and I promise your dry skin will be no more.
If I want something with a scent I like Palmers Coco Butter, you can't really go wrong with this, it's a lot thicker but also has more advantages like fading stretch marks and toning skin. It absorbs in so quickly and a little goes a long way.
I've talked about Lush's Charity Pot a lot already.

I know Bio Oil claims to be great for dehydrated skin, but if you use Bio Oil on a daily basis, it's going to clog up your pores completely- probably resulting in a rash/breakout. 

If dry skin is really irritating you and making you uncomfortable, my last resort is always turning my bedroom radiator completely off. The central  heating blasting in Winter and my skin are not a good match, I dread it every year, so this year, my radiator is completely off and I've found my skin to feel much less tight and uncomfortable when I'm lying in there at night. Just whip a dressing gown on!

Last of all, water water water, drink all the water. Avoid alcohol! Completely if you can, it's so dehydrating for both your insides and your skin, when I wake up after a night out my skin feels so tight and will do for a few days after, now that I rarely drink my skin is a lot happier. 

If you have any hints or tricks do share them in the comments.

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