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A hydrating, multi use product that benefits my skin and make up? Prettily packaged and at a reasonable price? I'm all over it. This little gem from The Body Shop is the newest addition to my over sized mental list of must have products. I want you all to discover the joys of the Vitamin E Face Mist, so I've constructed a list of reasons you should try it out (thank me later.)

1. It's a very quick, very easy but huge advantage to your skincare routine.
It's literally a deep moisturiser in a bottle that you can spray onto your face and have absorbed in 6 seconds, you're coming home from a night out after one too many vodkas, can't be bothered to moisturize? Just have a spritz, no need to even rub it in. Your skin (especially mine,) can become very dehydrated during Winter, and the central heating kills me, this will keep your skin hydrated even when you can't be bothered. Hydrated skin also means better make up application.

2. It can be used to set make up. 
Yes, the Urban Decay setting spray is great, but it's more expensive and it isn't an actual skincare product, the ingredients aren't as beneficial. This however is packed with Vitamin E, so it's finishing your make up and keeping it in place for the day, but your skins also getting a little treat too. Maybe you've over powdered and you've ended up looking caked to the nines and your face is stiff, this will fix it.

3. It can be used on a Beauty Blender to make a foundation more hydrating and look less cakey.
We all know you can add water to a BB to perfect the finish even more, but with my dry skin, applying this spray has changed the game- no more dry patches, and I suppose it's better for my Beauty Blender than drenching it in warm water and squeezing it. I find this particularly beneficial with higher coverage foundations that can sometimes look too much, I've also seen a huge improvement in the application of Nars Sheer Glow when using this method.

4. It's handy, it's a pick me up.
It's small enough to carry even in a clutch bag. When I drink alcohol, it really dries up my face and by the end of the night it feels uncomfortable, this would be a savior to refresh and hydrate in these situations. Maybe your skin is just feeling dull through the day, make up on or not, this is super refreshing and uplifting, it's a morning coffee for my skin.

5. If your moisturiser isn't enough, this is. If your primer sucks your moisturiser up, this can help.
Sometimes I've moisturized, and then when I've applied my primer it seems like all of it just disappears? Where does it go? I don't know, but applying another layer of moisturizer will spoil the look of my foundation, however, now I have this, if this problem occurs, I have this to spritz around and give my skin another drink before it's loaded with powders.

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