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Along with all the amazing beauty gifts I received for Christmas was a bag full of Space Nk treats! Is there anything better than coming downstairs on Christmas morning and seeing a big Space Nk bag? No.
I'm so obsessed with looking after my skin to keep it in good condition and prevent problems in the future, and I've been applying these products religiously since getting them.

I got a re-stock on my much loved Hourglass Veil primer, I talk about this all of the time and no doubt I'll continue to. It's probably the most expensive primer ever, (£52.00) but once you use this, there aint' no going back! I know I have a ridiculous amount of primers but this is the one I'd keep if I had to throw away all but one. My last bottle which I got last Christmas has just ran out after a year too, so good value for money.

A cleanser I've lusted after since it's launch is the Sunday Riley Blue Moon Cleansing Balm, again, very pricey for a cleanser at £46.00, but Sunday Riley is such a luxurious brand and the ingredients in this balm are amazing. And, to be fair, it does look bloody gorgeous! I've been loving this as both a cleanser and an overnight mask- it's so hydrating and rich but still very tranquil and easy to use. I think this may quickly replace my holy grail Emma Hardie Moringa Balm.

I've never tried anything from Sarah Chapman but have wanted to for as long as I can remember, so opening the much hyped Overnight Facial was very exciting. This product retails at around £46.00 but does vary depending on where you buy it, I got mine in Space Nk (obviously...) So far, it's okay, I can't say much because I've only been using it for two days, but once it's put through its tests a review will be written. I'm expecting very good things from this blogger induced buy.

Last but certainly not least is the Emma Hardie Brilliance Facial Oil. (£31.00.)
I've never used an oil on my face but when Winter arrived my skin got very dry so I was looking out for suggestions in blogger Twitter chats, and this one seemed to be very popular. Emma Hardie is a brand I really trust so I wasn't expecting to not like this- and I was right to, because I love it. It's giving me the hydration boost I really needed, my skin loves to drink this up and I've noticed my face feeling a lot less tight already. Not to mention the fact it smells divine.

Let me know if you got any treats from Space Nk this Christmas!

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