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Marc Jacobs (Under) Cover Coconut Primer

On a recent Sephora order, I picked up my first Marc Jacobs beauty product, the new Marc Jacobs Under (Cover) Coconut Primer, (not that I needed any more primers, but whatever, you can't have too much of a good thing, right?) 
Before writing this, I've read several other reviews and they all seem pretty positive, but unfortunately I have some bad feedback to share.

Texture? Yes, all good. It leaves the skin smoothed and soft, the perfect blank canvas infused with nutrients for your skin to go under your base make up. It soaks into the skin quickly, and the water like formula means that one pump will cover your whole face. 

Packaging? 10/10. Sleek, modern, monochrome, all the things I love. Frosted glass bottle? Yes please. Black and white colour scheme? I'm all over it, just like my obsession with NARS packaging, my Marc Jacobs beauty obsession is just beginning. 

Formula? It feels very hydrating, perfect for dry skin but still gives a natural finish. The coconut smell only lingers until you cover your face in foundation, but I suppose it's the fact it's 5 of the ingredients that counts. I'm ALL for skin loving make up products. It applies completely clear so it won't help even your skin tone, but it does provide a smooth base for a foundation to do the job instead. It isn't great at filling in pores or lines. 

The downside? So far, every time I've used this primer my skin seems to turn very red and irritated, and my skin will feel uncomfortable under my foundation all day. I don't know what it is in the formula that my skin doesn't agree with, but something makes it a little upset. It doesn't itch or burn or cause me any break outs, it just generally seems to create redness around the cheeks and nose, so I always follow with a high coverage foundation. 


  1. This sounds incredible, such a shame that it has reacted very well with your skin! Otherwise it sounds dreamy!

    Katya | The Beauty Harbour

    1. I'm going to try again with it for sure, it might of just been the moisturizer i used or maybe i was just having a bad skin day x


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