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I love cute little mini things, and I love Lush, so put the two together and you get a very excited Courtney. These little wonders are a great little pick me up to pamper yourself with when you're feeling a bit shitty. (They're also extremely visually pleasing..and good to photograph.)

The Comforter shower cream was the thing I was most excited about, I remember the amazing smell of the bubble bar when I could actually use it a few years ago (sensitive skin suddenly developed, thanks a bunch.) It's all okay, I can now enjoy the amazing scent again but in the form of a shower gel. So far, so good, no irritation. I think this is great for shaving because of the thicker consistency compared to Snow Fairy, I also find it to be more moisturizing, which I really need right now. The smell lingers around my body for hours after washing and If I could wear this as a perfume, I sure would. Without a doubt I'll be getting my paws on a bigger bottle of this stuff.

Everyone and their mother probably knows Christmas at Lush means it's Snow Fairy time. As much as this looks gorgeous and smells insane like candyfloss and bubblegum, I'm not a big fan of the formula. I find Snow Fairy to be very thin and drying on my already dry winter skin. ALSO, WHY have they changed the packaging?! It looks so boring and basic now. Again, I enjoy the smell lingering around my body for hours after a bath, Snow Fairy candle please Lush!
It does however smell the same as the Rockstar soap which again, I love but, all the dryness.

I spoke about the Tea Tree Water Toner in my recent skincare routine post,
I basically just picked up a little bottle because my larger one was running low and I have a huge fear of products getting completely drained and not having anything to use! (Anyone else?)  I think Santa is fetching me another huge bottle but this should see me through until then.

The Lush Charity Pot hand and body lotion is a really handy little beauty product to have in your handbag or on your bedside table. This cream is super nourishing and hydrating, so it's perfect for winter skin syndrome. Sometimes I just wake up during the night and my face or hands will feel super dehydrated, I quickly slather some of this on before going back to sleep to stop my skin feeling tight. It smells really uplifting and fresh and despite the scent it has not irritated my sensitive skin. It's a great product and it helps people in need too, so, whats bad?


  1. I love Lush so I can only love your post! Lately I am using Snow Fairy a lot and : 'Honey, I washed the kid' (my fav) . xx

  2. I always carry a charity pot with me, as it is so tiny and great to use! It's the first year I've used Snow Fairy, but I am loving it so far :) I will have to try out the Tea Tree Water Toner, as I have heard great things! Thanks for the inspiration on that one! :)

    1. I hope you like it!! It's super refreshing


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