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So, last week I went and done a little shopping with my parents, I managed to find a couple of things in Zara that I really liked, so they've been wrapped up for Christmas day. Whilst out we went to the Gourmet Burger Kitchen for dinner which is one of my favourite places to eat, ever. They do the skinniest little fries you'll ever see, but they taste so good. I really like the whole vibe of the place, it's like a cosy little warehouse.
After shopping I went and got my nails done, it's the first time I've went and had false nails put on properly, I also got a gel polish. It was only £25.00 for acrylic extensions and gel polish which I thought was really good. The first couple of days were really difficult and painful, but it's been two weeks now and I think I've mastered life with false nails; I opted for a grey polish because I thought it was the most versatile shade that would go with pretty much anything.

The next time I actually left home was to go shopping again for my parents Christmas presents and my best friends. (The Naked Smoky palette is for my friend.)
I picked up treats for my parents in Space Nk, I chose a Laura Mercier product for my mam and some Kiehls skincare for my dad. (Go and take advantage of the free wrapping in Space at the moment, it's gorgeous!) Of course I couldn't go out and not treat myself, so I picked up a new Chanel blusher from Fenwicks, it's the most gorgeous pinky orange shade and it has such a pleasant scent to it.
I also found myself in Jo Malone lusting after the intense fragrances- I fell too hard and ended up getting one bought and put away for Christmas, which I'm so excited about because it's honestly the nicest thing I've ever smelt, literally nose orgasm.
When I was in paperchase looking for cards I come across these really cute coasters with quotes on and I thought the one that related to me best was 'Everything is going to be O.K'. They're from Urban Graphic. That's just sitting looking cute and quirky on my bedside table.

On Tuesday night I spent some time with my friend Shantelle, we went for a Ben & Jerry's milkshake (if you haven't tried these, you're going to die so unsatisfied.)
We also popped into the new shop "Tiger" which sells cute little bits and bobs, we both bought a black fluffy hat with ears on and I was lusting after all sorts for blog photography. They have little mini baskets and jars and ugh, it's the place to be for blog props. I also popped into Lush, and if I'm honest, I had no intention of buying anything, I just wanted a nice Instagram picture, and I got one.

Thursday was spent with my boyfriend Callum, and I don't need to say much more, I was just very very happy. He's my best friend and my rock and I couldn't ask for anything better, feeling genuine happiness is incredible.

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