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Without a doubt, this is my new favourite face mask from Lush, and from now on, I don't think I'll be without it.
If you're looking for a product to relive redness on your face, look no further than Rosey Cheeks (£6.75.) Unfortunately, it is a 'fresh' mask that should be kept in the fridge, so they only do the little pot, but the texture is very rich and thick so a little goes a long way.

First of all, it looks great, I much prefer applying this to other Lush masks such as Cup O Coffee, which do make a mess and can be a bit of a faff to clean off. This refreshing pink mask pretty much feels like very thick yogurt, it's also kept in the fridge, (well, should be...) so it's cooling on the skin.
Almost like a thick creamy paste, this pink pot of wonder sits on the skin for 15 minutes to work its magic.
For me, one finger full is enough to cover the areas of concern (around my nose, cheeks) and it spreads out evenly, whilst sitting on the skin it gives off a floral fragrance that just smells like a pamper evening.

After washing off, redness is banished and my skin is left evenly toned and matte but not too dry.)
If you're suffering with redness or roseca or maybe excessive oil too, this is the mask for you.
I'm left thinking somedays, do I really need foundation on!?

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