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When it comes to highlighting and illuminating I'm sure most of us think of glistening powders and vibrant blushes- powders are certainly my weapon of choice for both elements, but I do find myself sometimes impulse buying something a little different. Who doesn't love having something they haven't tried before to play with?
My ultra pale skin is lashed with colour and glow every day, and if I'm feeling like adventuring out of my norm, there are three products in my collection I'd turn to.

My favourite is the new Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer in shade 3.
I ordered this not really knowing how I'd use it- it arrived and it was a lot more pigmented than I expected. The intensity can be adjusted depending on how much liquid you pump out, if I want a orangey golden blush, one pump on each cheek blended well does the job. It isn't really obvious or in your face, it is pretty true to the sheer name. This would be a great product for those of you that like the 'no make up' look. The finish looks natural and can add a little dewyness to the skin. (10/10 for packaging too!)

My second alternative is the BECCA Poured Shimmering Skin Perfector in 'rose gold.'
Funnily enough (not funny at all,) I bought this as an accident, I thought I'd ordered a powder but didn't realize there was also a 'poured' option. Still beating myself up about that...
This is a really thick creamy product that works good as a blush and a subtle highlight- it requires a lot of good blending to really make it look good- but it's great for days my skin is a little drier. The rose gold colour would probably be a lot nicer as the powder- the cream texture takes away any 'goldness' and makes it more of an orangey rose. However, the staying power is slightly better.

I hate to say this, but my least favourite is from NARS, their liquid illuminator in 'copacabana.'
I just haven't ever really liked this stuff, and I usually love anything from NARS, but I feel like this highlighter really emphasizes pores and even more so when it catches the light. Again, it does look very subtle and natural because of its super light pinky shade, but the finish on (my) skin isn't ideal. I find that this also sticks to some foundations and makes my skin feel dry, or it completely rubs away the foundation I just applied! No time for that when your foundation is over thirty pounds.
But, I didn't want money to go to waste, so I've found a way to (very slowly) use this up. I use a tiny soft bristled brush and apply it on my cupids bow, it instantly makes my lips look more plump and makes the outline stand out, likewise on my brow-bone, it lifts my brows and draws attention to the eye make up I spend a lot of time on.

Let me know if you use any liquid products to add any colour or glow to your complexion- I'd love recommendations!

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  1. Have you tried mixing the NARS with your foundations to add luminosity? When I have highlighters I don't like, I either try that or use them to add glow to my body on nights out, either mixed with moisturiser or buffed straight onto the shins, shoulders and collarbones xx


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