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What's Playing #3

Following up from my last 'What's Playing' post, it's now mid month and I've got a whole lotta new loves. I mean, Justin Bieber and One Direction releasing new albums on the same day!? It's too much. I'll admit I used to be totally against both artists, I thought Justin Bieber was tragic when he first came into the scene but this new album is something else. Likewise, One Direction are all grown up, Harry Styles now has hobo hair and looks gorgeous- I don't even think they're guilty pleasures anymore, I don't care who knows I love them. 15 year old me would be laughing at me right now, what's happened to me?

1. Justin Bieber - Purpose (The Album)The art work, the song titles, his voice, the lyrics, everything is so much better than it used to be. This new album Purpose has been on repeat non-stop since it's release, 'Children' is my favourite and I think it's very under-rated, it's up there with the bangers like Where R U Now and Sorry.

2. The Cribs - Burning For No One, Men's Needs and Different Angle
I've known of The Cribs for a long time but I've never gave them a proper listen, my friend introduced me to them properly recently and they're easily a new favourite.

3. Bad - David Guetta (Ft. Vassy)
I've been getting drunk a lot recently (oops), and this is my ultimate drunken happy song. It's always playing when I'm getting ready for a night of alcohol consumption and it never fails to get me in the mood.

4. Robert Miles - Children
Any 90's kid should know this classic, if you don't remember this, get on YouTube now and relive your childhood. What a tune.

5. Fetty Wap- My Way
I expressed my love for Fetty Wap in my last What's Playing post, and it's still going strong. My Way is my new favourite from him, closely followed by 679.  It's a little slower than his other stuff- but his voice just makes me weak. The version featuring Drake is on YouTube and I prefer it to the version on Spotify with Monty.

6. Tyga - Stimulated
Still loving this as much as last time- I couldn't not mention it because I just can't stop listening to it, sorry not sorry.

What have you been listening to recently? Are the Christmas songs coming out yet?


  1. I haven't heard any of Justin's album yet, I will have to download it today as I have heard so much about it

    Lauren x |

  2. Justin's new album is actually really good!

    Lucy |


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