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January 11th will mark my blogs first birthday, and I know it's going to fly by. I mean it's almost Christmas already, and it certainly doesn't feel like a year since I started up Lipstick Full Of Optimism. I remember the night I sat and created my little space, I was watching The Devil Wears Prada, mind mapping a name, and playing with the layout for a good few hours. It was terrifying and putting my words out there for anyone in the world to see STILL scares me. I've learnt so much in my first year, and I'm grateful for it- what I've learnt this year is going to help me out so much next year, I think LFO will grow a lot next year now I've passed the awkward first stages and never doing things properly. 

I've had a few brands e-mailing me this year interested in working with me, sending products etc, but I've so far turned all offers down because I do claim this blog as high-end beauty based, and obviously, smaller brands have been contacting me about products that don't fit in- and I wanted to stay true to why I was blogging and not just start accepting any free products offered to me.

I've also received some great, lovely and supportive feedback on my mental health posts- they actually prove to be the most popular ones I write, which is great, because I love to write them.
I appreciate support, comments, saves, follows, tweets, etc so much. 

1. Doing it properly, is time consuming, stressful and at times, difficult.
Taking photographs, editing them, thinking of post ideas, writing the post, advertising the post, advertising your blog, sharing your links, interacting with other bloggers, commenting on other blogs...scheduling tweets, joining chats, maintaining the look of your blog, checking old links work, checking for comments and replying to them, scheduling posts, research.
You know, there's probably even more things a blogger does but this is the huge list that comes straight to mind. When I began my blog, I didn't think it would be quite this much work and effort to get it even to where it is now. 

2. It often leaves me feeling deflated.
There's a lot of other bloggers out there, the community is growing so quick, meaning there's even more competition. It's hard to stand out and be seen in such a huge crowd, and sometimes I feel like giving up because I'll never move from the back row. I often think 'there's millions of us, I am not necessary.' I am such a small fish in such a huge pond and half of the time it feels like I'll never grow.
Even things like not getting a comment on a post is really demotivating, I think to blog in this 90% online world you have to be really strong headed, persevere and ignore the progress of others to concentrate on you. 

3. Things do not come easily.
A lot of people (that obviously do not blog,) seem to think that you start up a blog, write a post and then loads of free make up, skin care, clothes etc. are sent your way!
I’ve been working at this for a year and only received 2 offers of any ‘free products’ being sent to me, you have to work and build up your status, build your blog, your audience, and generally get noticed- which is all hard work, which can be really mentally draining.

4. It makes me buy things I don’t need.
Did I need to buy 7 primers this year? No, not at all. Could I of gotten through the year with the 1 really expensive primer I received last Christmas? Probably. Do I need 50 of the same eyeshadow colour? No. Do I need a different foundation for every day of the week? No, not at all. Beauty blogging especially makes me spend a lot of money- it almost makes me sick how many thousands I must of spent this year on make up, some of it, I never even touch. It’s all because beauty blogging gives you an excuse to buy it, you don’t need it? Yeah, but you can blog about it! 


  1. Very honest post! Love it have followed your blog xx

  2. No.4 is deffo an issue I have - oops another foundation in my basket...when I have a whole drawful!

  3. So exciting coming up to your first blogging birthday - happy birthday for when it comes! I relate to so much of this - especially spending too much money on your blog! x

    Viva Epernay

    1. I think next year I'll try to cut down on spending a lot and see how blogging goes without new products every week!x

  4. Happy blog birthday for January - I relate to you on pretty much all of your points though!

    Lucy |


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