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The Beauty Blender

£16 for a sponge smaller than my hand? My thoughts exactly, and the reason I'm so late to the hype with trying out a Beauty Blender. I'm not overly happy I spent that money on such a tiny little piece of sponge, but it's done so I'm making myself love it...

Depending on the base products i'm using, some days I just stick to my good old hands, and others I prefer to use 1 of 2 foundation brushes I own.
I used this with my mattifying Givenchy foundation and Tarte primer, I ran it under the cold tap and squeezed all of the water out of it before using, so the sponge was just left moist, (ew.)
First I tried pouring foundation onto the back of my hand and dabbing the sponge in, but it just seemed to be taking way too long- so I ended up dotting foundation on my face and then using the 'bouncing' method to blend it into my skin.
The tapered end of the sponge was perfect for applying product around my nose and eyes, and the round flatter base of the brush was a great size for my forehead, chin and blending down my neck.

Using a BB does take longer than applying foundation with  your hands or a brush, but it gives such a nicer finish- and there's no foundation left caked all over my fingers afterwards.
With a brush, sometimes I feel like it can look a little streaky and it's hard to perfectly blend into the skin around my eyebrows without wiping my Pomade away- with my BB this isn't a problem, I think it's very intelligently shaped and sized.
It also just generally feels nicer, if you think brushes can be rough or feel sticky like I do, this is such
a comfortable tool that bounces on your skin, it's such a pleasure to use. (There's also no shedding!)
Over all, my foundation looked very natural, and I think it also minimized the amount of foundation I was using- I also used my BB to blend in concealer, and again, it was much easier, quicker and nicer to apply and look at than it would be with my usual Real Techniques brush, which I find can leave it streaky a lot of the time.
I can see myself cleaning this once a week- I give it a really good rinse with warm water after I used it but there's still foundation stuck inside, so i'm on the hunt for a good cleaning method.

Worth the hype? Yes. I probably won't ever go back to using a brush, i'm totally Beauty Blender converted. (I bought mine from BeautyBay and it arrived super quick!)


  1. I have the RT Miracle Complexion Sponge and I do quite like that - maybe I need to invest in a beauty blender sometime soon!

    Lucy |

    1. If i'm pathetically honest, I haaaaaate the colour orange so I just couldn't ever use the RT sponge- silly petty little things like that put me off products so badly hahaha

  2. I am totally converted to the beauty blender! I can't even remember what it was like to use a blush!

    Great post!
    - Brooke ::


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