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Contouring Tools - The NARS Edit

NARS brushes are probably my favourite, but they unfortunately come with a large price tag- here are the three brushes from NARS in my collection that are perfect for my contour/sculpting routine. 

The Ita (£43.00) 
Probably the most ridiculously priced brush ever, it's super thin, has a thin head and I can't see myself EVER paying that much for the full size, I have the mini, it's the same brush, just with a smaller handle- I got mine included in the Tahiti Laguna Bronzer compact.
I will admit it is good for contouring, not good enough to be worth the full price tag, but if you literally have money to throw away- go for it. I know you can get much better/softer brushes for a little less. The bristles are a little harsh, but it's what makes the application so good.

The Contour (£31.00)
All time favourite brush in my entire collection, I'd take this over the Ita anyday, a super fluffy, full brush that applies contour in the hollow in the cheekbone perfectly, the perfect size and shape, it also picks up the perfect amount of product. I've had this a year in December and apart from a couple of hairs sticking out from harsh washing as you can see above, it's proving a winner.

The Diffusing (£26.00)
NARS actually advertises this as an eyeshadow brush? Strange, it's way too big for eyes! I love this with a highlight or a really light powder from a contour kit such as the one from ABH, it sharpens up the contour perfectly and is the perfect size for the job. I also use it with more 'sparkling' highlights such as MAC Soft & Gentle, the side of the brush gives a gentle sweep of glow.


  1. I have the Ita, it takes a lot of blending but it is effective. The other brushes look really good too x

  2. I find the ita gives me a harsh line of product so I use a small tapered brush now!

  3. I've never really looked into Nars brushes but these do seem pretty amazing!

    Lucy |

    1. If i'm honest, they aren't anything special- they can't do anything Real Techniques cant, I just love the all black packaging and I think it's just the way they look that makes me cave!x


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