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AM to PM Skincare Routine

I bloody love skincare, talking about it, using it, buying it, trying it, reviewing it, everything. I've been taught to look after my skin from a young age, my mum had me using Liz Earle and Clinique products from about 11 years old, so maybe I've got her to thank for the fact I never experienced any teenage spotty skin, or any issues in general. I'm really happy with my skin- I look after it everyday and it pays off, I rarely see a spot, it's soft, takes to make-up well and I'm so grateful for it.
It certainly hasn't come cheap, I think skincare is something you should always splash out on, even if you don't buy high end make up, if your skin is great, you'll always look better.
Through Spring, Summer my skin is normal, as we go into Autumn it starts getting dehydrated and by Winter it's needing moisturiser top ups 3 times a day, unless I go out and buy a very rich cream.
Prior to this post, I was using all Elemis products- their cleanser, toner, exfoliating paste and moisturiser, so since things have been switched up a lot, I thought I would do an updated skincare routine; the following products are what get my through day to night to keep my skin in tip top condition. (Oh it's also quite sensitive.)

So first I start with the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel, "an illuminating vitamin melting cleanser."
I never ever thought I would swap my cleanser from my old favourite, Emma Hardie Moringa Balm, however, I watch a lot of Lily Pebbles and she always talks about this, so when my EH was hitting a low point I got my hands on this from Oskia.
The products are pretty similar, and I can't really decide which one I like best- although the Emma Hardie is a little more convenient because you can actually see how much product you have left, which is probably the only con to the Oskia gel. However, it is cheaper and does exactly the same job, both have a balm to oil like texture when applied, both smell super amazing and both remove make-up effortlessly. At the moment I'm using the Oskia gel to cleanse, and then if my skin is feeling particularly dehydrated, I'll apply a dollop of Emma Hardie and sit with it on my face for hours, sometimes even over night. I'll remove both with a muslin cloth and warm water.
Oskia Gel, £28.00.
Emma Hardie Moringa £35.00-£55.00.

If I want an extra something, I'm having a little pamper night or I'm lying in the bath for a while, I'll apply a generous layer of Mask Of Magnaminty from Lush.
This is a gorgeous mask that reminds me of the Aesop Parsley Seed mask and the REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask. It's not too clay like, so it's not drying at all, it's so so refreshing, it makes your skin feel deeply clean and fresh, it also has a minty aroma which really cools and soothes the skin, as well as just generally making me feel chilled out. I'll sit with this mask on for about 15-20 minutes and then just use my hands to gently wash away with warm water.
I find that it leaves my skin baby soft, a little glowy and radiant and it also helps my pores a little.
Mask Of Magnaminty £9.95.

After applying all this to my skin, I want it back to a normal pH level and I want to make sure every last bit of dirt, make up or product is taken off my skin.
For this I turn to a toner from Lush, the Tea Tree Water toner.
I swipe this over my face using cotton pads, to refresh, cleanse, and just to make my skin feel more supple and clean. I adore tea tree products, I love the smell of it and It's a really helpful product, it's anti-bacterial, so it will keep away bacteria that could cause spots.
Not only do I use this after my routine, but I just use it at any point during the day (when I have no make-up on, obviously,) to refresh, it's just a great little pick me up for your skin and I promise it'll thank you for it. (GREAT when you have a hangover...)
Tea Tree Water £8.50.

As my exfoliant, again, from Lush, is their new mask Cup O'Coffee. 
I LOVE me some coffee, so obviously when I heard about a mask that smelt like coffee and had actual coffee grounds in it, I was all over this straight away,
This is not at all gentle, so I only use it once a week, otherwise I'd probably have no layers of skin left. But when I do use it, it does a wonderful job, it's a paste filled with tiny bits of coffee which Lush claim this keeps the skin caffeinated and energizes the skin.
Any dead or dry skin is sure to be swept away with this down the sink, I have to be super gentle washing it off however because my skin is a little sensitive and I don't want it going red from scrubbing too hard. Again, I don't find it drying or tightening in any way, it's really fresh and obviously it's a huge bonus if you're a coffee lover!
Cup O' Coffee £12.25.

Finally, we have Dream Cream, also from Lush. This is my moisturiser of choice, not only can I use it on my face but my body loves it too. Lush claim this to be soothing, gentle calm and hydrating.
It's not moisturizing enough for my dry skin in Winter, however the rest of the year it's spot on.
It's full of natural ingredients which are great for us with sensitive skin, the lid reads that it's designed to be applied to "even the most easily upset skin." It has a refreshing gentle scent which smells pretty oat like but still good, it makes my skin appear very luminous, soft and generally gives it an all round better texture. It's a perfect cream for a make up base also, it's not too thick and it doesn't roll off any of my make up.
Dream Cream, £19.95


  1. I loved this post - I love the mask of magnaminty!

    Lucy |

  2. I need to try the Tea Tree Water, I have heard so many people love this

    Lauren x |


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