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What's Playing? #1

I really love music, it genuinely gets me by and it's the only thing I can fully relate to in my many different moods and states of mind. I love a bit of every genre from pop to metal to rap, here's a list of the songs I have been obsessed with towards the ending of September and still ongoing into October.
(Not in any particular order, just as they've played on through my playlist.)

1. Biffy Clyro - The Thaw & Whorses & Opposite
I've known of Biffy for as long as I can remember, I loved them and listened everyday all day when I was around 15 and I've recently fell back in love. The ACCENT though.

2. Maroon 5- This Summer
Really feel good and upbeat, a little summery considering the current month but it's just recently been released which is strange- but never the less I love a good Maroon 5 song, they never get old.

3. Drake - Hotline Bling
Well this requires no explanation, it's Drake and it's fabulous and really catchy.

4. The Front Bottoms - Santa Monica
A small band that deserve more recognition, they make sad lyrics sound happy so they're relateable in a really pathetically funny way. They're the type of sound you either love or hate. I love.

5. Kate Nash - Mouthwash
I watched a vlog of Zoe & Alfie singing along to this together in their car and I found myself singing this all day afterwards.

6. Gorgon City & Zak Abel - Unmissable
This is really a 'tune,' ultra feel good and good for Friday nights and drinking with. I think it's mega vibey and reminds me of a beach party.

7. Bring Me The Horizon - Doomed & Follow You
I am utterly in love with the new album from BMTH named 'That's The Spirit', they've went a lot pop'ier with this one but they still have their edge, the songs are really relatable and have the most beautiful lyrics that I feel I can really connect with in both positive and negative ways.

8. Amy Winehouse - Back To Black I don't know, I just can't stop singing this, and every time it comes on shuffle I think I'm on X-Factor.

9. Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean
WHO doesn't' love this right now? I've never liked Justin or any other of his songs but this has changed everything, such an infectious repetitive song that just makes me want to dance around in my room. Again, there's a really good chilled out vibe to this.

10. Calvin Harris - How Deep Is Your LoveLOVE the bass to this that jumps around my headphones, it's super catchy and repetitive. Super dancy, upbeat and feel good. I like to play this on a morning and sing to perk myself up.  It just reminds me of having too much vodka and slut dropping in a bar in town on a Friday.

What have you been listening to recently?


  1. Kate Nash - Mouthwash is one of my favees! Great post - got some inspo now haha:)

    Lucy |


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