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Updated MAC Lipstick Collection (With Swatches)

I'm not going to do a big introductory paragraph because this post is going to be pretty long without one, (I seem to be creating lengthy posts at the moment, I don't know what's up,) commence my updated MAC lipstick collection:

(Amorous, Please Me, Whirl, Antique Velvet, Stone, Ruby Woo, Double Shot) 

Amorous- Funnily enough, even though the first one to talk about, this is actually my least favourite, and I probably won't even wear it again. I hate pink lipsticks on me, they aren't me at all, and I just don't think I suit them and I don't feel great wearing any pink. This is a funny mix of a pinky, purpley with warm undertones- despite not personally loving it, the staying power is insane.

Please Me- Again, another pink I never use anymore. It's honestly a gorgeous, powdery baby pink shade that actually looks nice against my skin tone, it's matte (which is my favourite finish,) but I just don't feel comfortable in pink for some reason, I just don't think it's me. Again, amazing staying power, but because it's matte, it does get very drying after a few hours.

Velvet Teddy- Here we are, the lipstick Kylie Jenner might as well of been paid to advertise, because now everyone and their cat owns Velvet Teddy. Yes it's a gorgeous colour, very easy to wear, long lasting, but I find it to be very drying.

Antique Velvet- Finally, a dark one, much more me, but this time, it's a little too dark for my super pale skin, I adore the colour but this up against my skin instantly makes me look super goth, and again, it makes me really uncomfortable. However, I do still wear this, more on those days I'm in a sassy brave mood and I think 'fuck everyone, fuck this, I love this bloody lipstick.'
It's my favourite finish, matte, and somehow manages to still make my lips look a little bigger than they actually are.

Stone- A very dark, pretty much brown shade, sometimes I love it, sometimes I wonder why I would want brown lips...however this has more of a satin finish, so it feels nourishing on the lips but the pigmentation isn't brilliant- I find that the colour in the center of my lips wears away within 2 hours.

Ruby Woo- My one true red love, the only red I feel I can pull off without looking washed out- I love a little Ruby Woo on Mondays to start my week off with a sassy bold red lip to knock a little more confidence into me. It has very orange undertones, where as a lot of red lipsticks are filled with cool undertones, which is what makes me look like Casper- I'm yet to find a red I love like this and feel great wearing. The downside being, it's so so drying, it's literally a drag to apply because the formula is so dry! It's such a shame, but this does mean it stays put for hours on end.

Double Shot- The newest addition to my family, this is from the 'Amplified' range of lipsticks, which I didn't even know existed if i'm honest. Double Shot drew my in because of it's name if i'm honest, it reminds me of coffee and the shade certainly resembles an espresso. This is probably the least drying MAC lipstick I own- but despite the satin finish the staying power is still amazing. It has very cool undertones which sometimes I think make my skin look even whiter, so I like to use this shade on days I'm wearing a lot of bronzer, a warm blush and warm toned eyes.

(Viva Glam II, Myth, Taupe)

Viva Glam II- My second favourite of the family, without a doubt the most versatile and easy wearing shade I own. I always pair this with a lipliner for the best result. A medium nude with neutral undertones, this creamy formula compliments any make-up look. (I also desperately need to re-purchase.)

Myth- I have a love/hate relationship with Myth, it's hard to love a lipstick that looks like you have your shade of foundation coated on your lips. Some days this washes me out, some days I really love looking washed out and pasty- it completes a really soft, delicate look very well, and I usually pair it with a white dress and a black smokey eye.

Taupe- Yes, my baby, my all time favourite lipstick.  A satin finish that eventually turns out a little more matte, non drying, long lasting, compliments my skin tone, matches every make-up look, yes, yes all the yes. I couldn't be without a Taupe in my life, it's just very 'me.'


(Antique Velvet, Stone, Whirl, Double Shot, Amorous, Ruby Woo)

(Please Me, Myth, Viva Glam II, Velvet Teddy, Taupe)


  1. I love Please Me and Velvet Teddy. I use them each a good few times a week

    Lauren x |

    1. I do use VT quite often but Please Me I never pick up anymore :(

  2. Such a lovely collection - I actually love the look of Amorous!

    Lucy |

  3. Mac colours are so great, you always find some you've just never heard of before. x

  4. Velvet Teddy doesn't suit my skintone unfortunately, but I love Taupe as it's the perfect colour for me. I've gone through an entire tube the past two months!xx


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