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Life According To Instagram

Heading over to the perfect side of life that is your Instagram- where we chose to show what we want, for me, it's things that make me happy, selfies that make me feel good and a lot of materialistic objects I buy to keep myself going. Despite what my Instagram shows the last few weeks have been pretty crap and I haven't been feeling too great.

Life according to my Instagram the past few weeks looks pretty cool, if we start with the new puppy I got, he's a French Bulldog named Bernie- he's grown up lots and he's such a poser, you'll be seeing a lot of Bernie on my Instagram, especially whilst he's a puppy. I take so many pictures of my puppy but only the cutest are put on Instagram, which includes a lot of his unicorn plush and being dressed up in his Winter coats.

You'll also see that I've been making more beauty purchases, (nothing new there!)
Recently I picked up the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, along with a Giorgio Armani Loose Setting Powder- both which I've been loving so far.

Most excitingly this week, I got my hands on the brand new iPhone 6s in silver. My previous iPhone 5s decided to self destruct and I refused to go to work until I had a working phone, so I took a day off work, "sick," to go and sort out my early upgrade. I actually got what I think is an amazing deal for a 2 week old phone. (If you're interested, it's with o2, unlimited data, texts and calls for £46 a month and a £70 upfront cost for the phone it's self, but the really nice man in the shop knocked it down to £40 for me!)  I love the new slimmer design and the improved camera.

I got a spontaneous surprise from a member of my family, which was a gorgeous mix of pink roses and purple sprays- I love having flowers in my bedroom, I think it really refreshes the space and it's just nice to wake up to on a morning! Who needs a boyfriend?

Last of all was the selfie(s) I got on Friday when I really made an effort and curled all my hair, put on a white dress and red lipstick ready to face work (which I am HATING,) I feel like it made me feel a little more powerful and confident, which I really needed with the way my boss is being right now. I loved the whole look, quite 'pin up' looking but I really enjoyed it and I bagged a few compliments which obviously made me feel great.

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