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Autumn MAC Purchases

Over a week ago now I purchased some new bits from MAC. I intended just to purchase the Cranberry eyeshadow for Autumn but I had to pay for delivery if I didn't add something else, so, why not? 

I'm a huge fan of the cult favourite Soft and Gentle highlighter from MAC, but I've hit pan massively with mine and therefore I needed to refresh. This time I went for Global Glow instead of being boring and just re-purchasing the same old. I'm not mad about Global Glow because it's pretty orangey and my pale skin isn't the best match for it- but it's still a gorgeous highlight and would work wonders on tanned skin. Light application and some blending make this work out a little better on my lily white complexion. 

I also picked up yet another lipstick, this time from the "Amplified" range of shades which i had never actually heard of before. I chose the shade Double Shot, and I must admit it was the name that dragged me in because I'm a huge coffee fan and it reminds me of getting several double espressos on a weekday morning. The staying power of this lipstick is as good as it gets, it lasted 7 hours with 1 re-application, which was purely because my lips started to feel dried up. The pigmentation is crazy good, delivering a very dark nude almost brown shade. Very autumnal I think. 

Last but certainly not least, my favourite purchase was the Cranberry eyeshadow.  I've seen so many bloggers and YouTube beauty gurus talk about this shade for this time of year, and I can't believe it's took me this long to get my hands on it, it's not me at ALL and I would not usually wear any shadow but browns and golds but I surprisingly really like this! It's certainly a change from my usual look and at first I wasn't sure if I could pull it off, but I've fallen in love with it's plummy berry ways and I turn to this almost everyday, experimenting with golds and silvers to mix with it.


  1. ooh like the look of Double shot love a Mac lipstick such good quality!

    1. It's gorgeous! Hadn't even heard of it before I ordered, definitley needs more hype X


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