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An Ode To Tarte's Clay Liner

If you buy one thing this payday, make it this new clay liner from Tarte.
It's their 'Tarteist Clay Paint Liner' (£22.00) which also comes with a double ended brush. (Yes, one side is purposely bent...)
Tarte sadly isn't easily available in the UK, the only place without ordering from Sephora is through QVC UK, where I buy all of my Tarte products from and they always have great introductory prices and sets put together- as well as a great money back guarantee if you don't like the product!

My usual go to eyeliner, Stila Stay All Day was running extremely low and although eyeliner is one of my least favourite beauty items to purchase, this has re-stored all the fun and love for doing liner.
This is a jet black formula which will stay put all day long, as well as giving you a matte finish. It's inky matte black and totally smudge proof- if you make a mistake applying this, you're going to need a good eye make up remover to sort it out.
It glides on like a dream as a really creamy formula before drying in place, and it didn't irritate my sensitive eyes.
The super fine, skinny brushes on both ends of the brush provided make creating a perfect, polished flick super easy. It's strange how such a little thing such as having a slightly bent brush makes application so much easier.

The packaging is gorgeous, simple and sophisticated, and the liner being in a tube means there's going to be no issues with drying out like I experience with my liner pens.
I think this is my new 'Holy Grail' eyeliner and if you're looking to try something new, make it this, you will not be disappointed.


  1. I have never tried this before but it sounds great, Love the idea of a bent brush

    Lauren x |

    1. You wouldn't think such a minor thing could make such a difference x

  2. The packaging for this is so sleek and lovely - one to add to my wish list!

    Lucy |


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