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5 Reasons You Need A Toner

1. It's great for your skin
A toner will restore your skin back to it's natural pH level after cleansing.
A toner can also help oil control and prevent breakouts.

2. It's super refreshing
When my skins feeling dull even after a fresh face mask, or it just needs something to play with at bedtime, a spritz of toner all over my face makes me feel super clean and refreshed, I love it before bed and before I do my make-up. It's a super quick pick me up, can't be bothered to sit and peel away at a face mask? This is your new best friend when you're feeling lazy.

3. It removes the make-up you thought you'd removed
After cleansing, even with the best of cleansers, if you spray toner onto a cotton pad and rub it all over your face, I guarantee it'll pick up some dirt, and you thought your face was clean? Not until you've applied your toner.

4. It's an extra boost of hydration
It's Winter, and you're skins starting to dry up and your usual moisturiser just isn't doing enough for you anymore, choose a hydrating toner for an extra boost of hydration, I recommend the Elemis Hydrating Toner is put to use during the colder months when your skin isn't so happy.

5. They make your face smell fresh 
Toners always have a really soothing, refreshing scent to them, and I find that the scent lingers on my face for quite a long time. This Tea Tree Water toner from Lush in particular, the smell of Tea Tree (to me anyway,) is extremely soothing, it reminds me of cleanliness and freshness and makes my skin feel the same way.

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  1. I seriously need to get into the habit of using toners and having a good skincare routine

    Leanne |


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