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5 Reasons Why You Need The Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm

1. It melts away effortlessly, any amount of make up.
On a daily basis at work, I wear a full face of make up, from primer to false lashes and everything possible in-between, I don't dread trying to force mascara or layers of eyeshadow off at the end of a day because I know this makes it such an easy, pleasurable job, it makes coming home and taking my make up off something to look forward to. No eye make-up remover needed, this does it all for you. No scrubbing or frantically rubbing any areas, this balm to oil product just melts it away until it's disappeared. It's all very easily wiped away with the (gorgeous) muslin cloth included when you buy.

2. It smells amazing.
This product is incredibly aroma-therapeutic (Is that a word? It is now.)
It smells insanely gorgeous to the point I'd literally wear this as a perfume if I could, but don't worry, despite the scent it does not irritate the skin at all, I have super sensitise skin and I can assure you it's done me no harm. It's an incredibly soothing, calming clean smell, the kind of smell you'd experience in a really nice spa whilst getting a massage. The smell lingers on my face well after cleansing too!

3. It lasts a very long time.
I've had my tub since the end of January! It's now October and I'm onto my last few uses!
A little goes a long way with this balm, because add a drop of water and the oil spreads all over your face in a reasonable layer. I have the smaller tub which is around £35-£37 and it's lasted most of this year, so if you went ahead and bought the bigger tub for the £50+ mark, you'd probably be well set for cleansing and hydration treatment for a year.

4. It can be used as a facial treatment/overnight mask.
Not only are you getting an amazing cleanser, you're getting a treatment.
When my skins feeling de-hydrated and dull I put on a thin layer of the balm without adding water and I'll leave it on from anywhere from two hours to all night until I wake up. It quenches my skins thirst overnight in the winter when it becomes more dry and keeps it looking glowy and fresh.
(Also, sleeping or just sitting around all day on a Sunday with this on your face is a dream)

5. It's super hydrating and deep cleaning. 
Whether you use it as a thick layer of balm, or add water and use it as an oil, it's full of hydration and my skin just loves to soak it all up. I feel like my skin is thanking me whenever I massage this in and I can both feel and see the difference. My face feels so clean and fresh after I wash it away with the muslin cloth, it feels like it can breathe again and it's just left so soft and smooth.


  1. This all sounds very convincing - I'd love to give this a go, just the price! Maybe someday though haha x

    Lucy |

  2. Ahh i love this cleanser, it's so worth the hefty price tag and lasts a decent amount of time which makes it good value.


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