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Why Not To Judge A Book By It's Cover

I'm very much lured or put off products due to their packaging, I'm all about something sleek and visually pleasing that matches my style, my ideal packaging is that similar to Nars, black and white, simple, sleek and it looks like luxury; I was put off the idea of buying the Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar palette for such a long time because of my packaging snobbery.
I've had Too Faced eyeshadows in the past, as well as other products and I've had nothing but positive things to say, so after hours of googling swatches of the gorgeous browns and golden shades in this palette I finally bought it. I think I'll be using all of the shades apart from the bright blue and the light pink in the top row there.
Too Faced are an amazing brand that are also cruelty free, their products are all such a high quality, have gorgeous smells and cute names, the packaging is known to be 'cute' and I'm not one for being cute. Overlooking that, I'm so glad I finally jumped on the bandwagon.

Bar the packaging- this is close to being my favourite palette, (and I have a stupid amount of palettes, filled with browns and blacks and creams and golden shades.)
It's the texture of these shadows that I really love, they are in a total league of their own for creaminess, which makes them a joy to apply and blend.
The drop down and fall-out is very minimal and of course the pigmentation is well, it's as good as it's ever gonna get.

The shades I've been using day after day are Bon Bon, Caramel, Truffled and Mousse, together creating a golden orangey toned eye with a brown smoked out finish, sometimes with a tiny little black 'Licorice' in the outer corner too.
Oh, did I mention that this entire palette smells of chocolate? As well as all the eyeshadows? This makes it unique from any other eyeshadow palette and uniqueness is something I do appreciate. I think it's very hard to be individual and create anything new in the make-up industry, but this puts a really quirky twist on a mainstream product.

Now I've broke out of the packaging issue, I'll be buying a lot more products from Too Faced, I've got my eye on the new foundation and the chocolate bronzer.


  1. This sounds like an amazing palette - I think I'm definitely going to have to look into buying this!

    Lucy |

    1. Go for it! Hopefully you'll love it like I do :-)


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