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Welcome To The Family, Jubilation

Just to add to the ridiculous amount of NARS products I have, why not buy another?
In the form of another Dual Intensity 'Blush' (which I'd call a duo highlight but whatever.) I suppose they're whatever you want them to be, but they're very glitzy and to me it makes them very glowy and light reflecting so I use these as a highlight and stick to the original Nars formula blushes.
I quite recently talked about another Dual Intensity blush I'd been loving and writing that post just made me realize how much I adore these little compacts of gorgeousness and how much I needed to have a little Dual Intensity family, so above we have Jubilation. (Yes, this time I took the photos before I destroyed the engraving.) I talked about this product in the shade Craving last week.

Jubilation is described as a 'sparkling yellow gold and a shimmering soft, nude peach,' which I think is spot on. I have been reaching for these two colours ever since this compact was delivered, both of them are gorgeous as a highlighter, or if you don't mind a glitzy blush, they're beautiful for that also.
A beautiful product featuring two shades that are both multi-use? Yes please.

As well as this, it's the texture of these powders that I'm so in love with, in compact they look and feel so solid, I always put so much pressure on my brush thinking it's not picking any product up, but my God it does and I usually end up going a little overboard.
The powders are just so silky, they look amazing applied lightly or layered up for maximum intensity, they never emphasize pores like a lot of highlighters and sit seamlessly on the skin with no blending really required. They feel so weightless on the skin even if I add layer and layer of highlight for major strobing, making them impossible to cake even if you wanted to, (not that anyone would want to, right?)

If you're looking for a gorgeous vibrant glow and a rush of colour in your face, get yourself Jubilation for £30.00.
(Yes I will be buying another shade, yes I will probably blog about it. Sorry not sorry)


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