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Three New Arrivals From MAC

A few weeks ago I found myself spending a lot of money on colours from the new MAC matte lipstick collection, which is a combination of old matte shades and a few brand new ones. I'd read about these months ago and I'd had 'Stone' on my 'to-buy' list ever since, so you can imagine that as soon as they were released I was online adding what I could to my basket. The new matte shades are very much Autumn/Winter themed, they seemed to be all dark shades with cool undertones. (My favourite.)

I opted for Antique Velvet, Stone and Whirl, 3 dark nude shades all the usual £15.50 each.
Antique Velvet being almost black when layered and applied- I was a little scared I would hate it, but it's so different and I really loved wearing it, I'm the type to have dramatic make-up everyday, so much that it doesn't change when I go out drinking to when I'm going food shopping. (Not that I ever do that.

Antique Velvet seems to be the least matte, matte out of the 3, (does that make sense?) it's the most moisturizing, it doesn't drag on application as much as the other two shades and it's staying power isn't as bulletproof.
I have a huge fear of being judged badly for wearing really dark lipstick, I'm aware so many people don't like it or don't understand it, especially where I work everyday, but at the end of the day I love to experiment with my make-up and change it up as much as possible.The pigmentation of this shade is amazing- it can be left as one layer or built up to a darker, bolder shade.

Stone is a very cool toned brown with a hint of a dusky red, unfortunately I wore this once and didn't think I could pull it off at all, which was really disappointing because it was the one I was most excited about. I just don't think my skin tone is suited to it, or maybe it was the way I was wearing my hair or my eye make up, I don't know, it's such a gorgeous lipstick but it just doesn't do me any justice. (My mam also really hates it, which knocked me wanting to try it again.)
It's a little drying, and it does tend to drag a little when applied, but this makes the staying power great. I did have a picture of me wearing Stone but I just felt so awful about it I ended up removing it.

Finally, Whirl.
The obvious most popular of the new releases, this has been all over my Instagram feed, people are just going crazy for this shade because of the widely loved Whirl lip-liner.
I'm not crazy about it and i'm not saying it's not a nice shade, because it is lovely, it's just not that flattering on me and I much prefer the liner, (yes, I think the two are slightly different.)
I also found Whirl to be the most drying, almost as drying and stiff as Ruby Woo- but without the bullet proof staying power. Although it is very easy to wear, it's one of those lipsticks you could pick out of a bag blindfolded, apply and it'll still match whatever look you're going for.


  1. oh, these all look so pretty. i've been veering away from traditional lipstick for a liquid to matte formula lately, but i think i might go back to traditional lipstick just for these three. stone and antique velvet are stunning.

    brooke | brooke elise

    1. I love Stone too I just wish I could pull it off! :-(


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