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Social Media And Mental Health

I don't think it's a coincidence that mental health problems among young people have doubled as the use of social media has grown massively.
We constantly get told that magazines and the general media are terrible for young girls confidence, self esteem and body consciousness, we're also told that the rise in media is also related to the higher numbers of eating disorders in young people. It's really sad that such an amazing thing that connects us to so many billions of other people can have such a negative effect on our lives, and it doesn't necessarily show through our social media profiles.
For example, just because Kylie Jenner looks perfect in her Instagram posts, it doesn't mean she isn't struggling, it doesn't mean she isn't effected by what the hundreds of thousands of people say everyday about her online.

I think it's very important to remember that there's a person just like you with feelings and emotions and difficult times in their life behind the photos, the tweets and snapchats, and how someone comes across on social media may not be a accurate representation of the person they are outside of the internet. For example, you can't see by a selfie I post on Instagram that I have several mental health issues because they aren't physically visible.

I think social media personally does effect my already bad mental health, it knocks my confidence hugely, sometimes I can see something that really upsets me for a few days, I'm constantly comparing myself and watching other people live their lives wishing I was doing the same. Snapchat is my nemesis, I hate watching people have fun all the time and being around lots of friends constantly because I don't have that at all and it really makes me over think.
Even silly things such as posting a selfie onto Instagram, then having someone else post one the same time and comparing your two pictures until you cave and pick out every flaw until you delete it. (I do this a lot.)
I think it's important to remember that a lot of factors effect how many 'likes' you get on your pictures, such as the time of day, what else is on peoples feeds, how many people your followers follow, how many friends you have, how many followers you have etc, and just because someone gets 40 likes and you get 20, it doesn't mean at all that they are better than you.
If you think your selfie is on point, post that thing.

Twitter is less about photos, and more about what people say which can sometimes be even worse.
Twitter is something that used to make me extremely paranoid back at school, when I had a smaller number of followers and everyone knew each other. 'Indirect' tweets were the main source of trouble/upset and I won't deny making any myself but they drove me insane, and half the time I thought they were about me, they actually were, which was the worst part.
Now that I barely follow or interact with anyone I used to go to school with, Twitter is much much more enjoyable, I feel so much more confident and less paranoid, and less conscious about what I say. The rest, well, I'll probably never ever see you or meet you, so what does it matter?
Some people I find also just have a lack of a 'filter' on their mouth, I personally hate these type of people and I couldn't be around them if you paid me.

Since I started blogging especially, it's so nerve wrecking still to me to advertise my blog online because I'm so scared of people mocking me/it, it's gotten easier but it's still really hard, and it's such a shame because It's a hobby and it's something I enjoy, you wouldn't mock someone for playing guitar as their hobby, so why is blogging any different? It baffles me.

I think social media had a huge effect on my anxiety, because it taught me that I have to be cautious of everyone, trust nobody and be careful what I do.
I think Instagram has a huge effect on the way I see myself, how much self esteem I have and it knocks me down sometimes when I'm feeling good about myself.
As much as I know that I would probably be happier in myself without Twitter or Instagram, I would still never leave them.


  1. I totally agree with this - social media is supposedly meant to be a positive thing but can have so many negative impacts. I relate to you with the snapchat point, watching other people at parties with all their friends having a great time does make me overthink a lot like 'why isn't that me?'. I think its good you addressed all of this in this post - really nice to read and relate!

    Lucy |


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