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An Ode To Givenchy Foundations (It's A Breakthrough)

Why don't I see anyone blog about Givenchy foundation?!
 My two favourite foundations are from Givenchy and I am so up for buying all 4 because I know I'll get my moneys worth.
A while ago I blogged about the Photo Perfexion foundation and  raved about how much I loved it, and I'm back to rave about another Givenchy base, this time it's Eclat Matissime (£30-£34) dependent upon where you buy it.)

This foundation has changed errthing.
When I think of matte foundations, I think dry, patchy, clingy, uncomfortable, cakey...and my skin does have a tendency to be dry sometimes, so I haven't even looked at a matte foundation for about three years. I usually opt for dewy, glowy light bases and tinted moisturisers, but recently I've been using a lot more powder than usual, applying more foundation and worrying about shine which is so unlike me.
To save the hassle of powdering three times a day and layering on a foundation, why not just buy a matte foundation?
At first, I was extremely hesitant, but in Givenchy, I trust. I saw this on the Debenhams website and was instantly drawn in to this one in particular because of the sleek minimalistic packaging that reminds me of NARS (my ultimate weakness.)
And after all these years of avoiding matte foundations? I LOVE this stuff, it's easily my new favourite foundation and I'm so surprised.

Amazing  staying power? Yes
Perfect light/medium coverage? Yes
Amazing colour match? Yes
Gorgeous scent? Yes
Easy to apply? Yes
Keeps me matte all day? Yes
Less need for powder? Yes
SPF? Yes!

Zero cake, zero dryness, zero tightness in my skin by dinner time. I'm pleasantly surprised.
It's very much similar to Chanel Vita Lumière Aqua (which I absolutely love also,) but with a much  more matte finish, but  the coverage and formulation is pretty much identical. In fact, this is even slightly better because it does have a pump rather than just pouring the product onto your hand. Despite the matte finish, it still gives a little luminosity and brightness to my face so I don't look dull and dried up.

Thank you so much for changing my mind Givenchy, I owe you one.
(If you're looking for a matte foundation, try this out!)


  1. I have quite oily skin so I'm always looking for good matte foundations - this one sounds incredible! Maybe I'll give it a try, great review!

    Lucy |

  2. Ooh if this keeps you matte all day then it sounds like something I definitely need to try! I'm forever on the hunt for a new matte foundation. xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x


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