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New In From Space Nk

If you're a make up lover you'll know the joy that comes with new goodies from Space Nk, nothing makes me more excited than waiting for a parcel full of new make up bits to play with. Me ordering make up is a weekly thing now I work but it's been a long time since I posted a haul so I thought I'd share this one with you.
(I also picked up a new Real Techniques brush set, the Core Collection which I found on for £14 instead of the RRP of £20?)

I've had a NARS radiance primer in the past and I really enjoyed using it, so this time around I've decided to try the pore refining primer which cost £26.00, which is cheap, compared to my usual Hourglass primer from Space Nk which costs me a horrible £52. So far i've noticed how lovely but subtle the scent is, and i'll be sure to report back with a full review when it's been tested.

FINALLY, I have an Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blusher (£28.00)I picked this up in the new shade, "Incandescent Electra" purely because it had a really pretty name and a gorgeous shimmering peach colour. I've wanted one of these for so long and I'm so happy I finally have one, it's the most gorgeous visually pleasing blusher I'v ever come across and I'm sure it will perform amazingly. I have a feeling i'll be buying more shades very soon!

Finally was the BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector (poured) in Rose Gold. I was actually really gutted when this turned up because I thought I'd ordered the powder but turns out I ordered the poured version which is more like a balm! It's still super pretty and I'll try and use it, but I still want to try a powder BECCA highlight. This was £26.00. It's pretty dark and not very shimmery, so I don't think i'll get use out of this as a highlight, more of a cream blush, which I've never tried before so I suppose that's exciting.

Let me know if you've tried any of these or what you've been buying and loving from Space Nk recently!


Social Media And Mental Health

I don't think it's a coincidence that mental health problems among young people have doubled as the use of social media has grown massively.
We constantly get told that magazines and the general media are terrible for young girls confidence, self esteem and body consciousness, we're also told that the rise in media is also related to the higher numbers of eating disorders in young people. It's really sad that such an amazing thing that connects us to so many billions of other people can have such a negative effect on our lives, and it doesn't necessarily show through our social media profiles.
For example, just because Kylie Jenner looks perfect in her Instagram posts, it doesn't mean she isn't struggling, it doesn't mean she isn't effected by what the hundreds of thousands of people say everyday about her online.

I think it's very important to remember that there's a person just like you with feelings and emotions and difficult times in their life behind the photos, the tweets and snapchats, and how someone comes across on social media may not be a accurate representation of the person they are outside of the internet. For example, you can't see by a selfie I post on Instagram that I have several mental health issues because they aren't physically visible.

I think social media personally does effect my already bad mental health, it knocks my confidence hugely, sometimes I can see something that really upsets me for a few days, I'm constantly comparing myself and watching other people live their lives wishing I was doing the same. Snapchat is my nemesis, I hate watching people have fun all the time and being around lots of friends constantly because I don't have that at all and it really makes me over think.
Even silly things such as posting a selfie onto Instagram, then having someone else post one the same time and comparing your two pictures until you cave and pick out every flaw until you delete it. (I do this a lot.)
I think it's important to remember that a lot of factors effect how many 'likes' you get on your pictures, such as the time of day, what else is on peoples feeds, how many people your followers follow, how many friends you have, how many followers you have etc, and just because someone gets 40 likes and you get 20, it doesn't mean at all that they are better than you.
If you think your selfie is on point, post that thing.

Twitter is less about photos, and more about what people say which can sometimes be even worse.
Twitter is something that used to make me extremely paranoid back at school, when I had a smaller number of followers and everyone knew each other. 'Indirect' tweets were the main source of trouble/upset and I won't deny making any myself but they drove me insane, and half the time I thought they were about me, they actually were, which was the worst part.
Now that I barely follow or interact with anyone I used to go to school with, Twitter is much much more enjoyable, I feel so much more confident and less paranoid, and less conscious about what I say. The rest, well, I'll probably never ever see you or meet you, so what does it matter?
Some people I find also just have a lack of a 'filter' on their mouth, I personally hate these type of people and I couldn't be around them if you paid me.

Since I started blogging especially, it's so nerve wrecking still to me to advertise my blog online because I'm so scared of people mocking me/it, it's gotten easier but it's still really hard, and it's such a shame because It's a hobby and it's something I enjoy, you wouldn't mock someone for playing guitar as their hobby, so why is blogging any different? It baffles me.

I think social media had a huge effect on my anxiety, because it taught me that I have to be cautious of everyone, trust nobody and be careful what I do.
I think Instagram has a huge effect on the way I see myself, how much self esteem I have and it knocks me down sometimes when I'm feeling good about myself.
As much as I know that I would probably be happier in myself without Twitter or Instagram, I would still never leave them.


Skinny Dip Haul

Skinny Dip are a really cute, independent graphic company based in London that sell a range of quirky phone cases as well as other tech. I recently had a haul online and picked up a few bits that I wouldn't even usually consider buying. You may of found some of their items in larger Topshop stores, but the variety online is much better.

I had a Marc Jacobs phone case on my iPhone 5s for such a long time that it was starting to scratch away, so the first thing I looked at was the amazing range of phone cases, I honestly could of bought 1 of each design because I think they're all really cool and fun.  I ended up going for this black cat design with googly eyes, I like that it's clear and you can still see the gold of my phone and I like that it's fun and childish but still very monochrome, and I think that sums me up perfectly. The case came with a screen protector and cleaning cloth and this case cost me £12.00.

I honestly have no idea how people go through so many iPhone chargers, I see people breaking them and replacing every week and yet I've had mine for two years at Christmas and it's still perfectly fine- but never the less I saw this charger on the website and bought this too, it's again really fun and quirky but still black and white, and I love the gold accents. I love that it's made of rope unlike the original iPhone chargers, it makes it much less flimsy and less likely to get extremely mucky. I think this cable was £16.00. It also matches well with my case.

The third item I added to my online basket was a pair of headphones, I've never ever owned a proper pair of headphones and I always just use the earphones that come with my phone- but I've started really getting into my music lately and really enjoying it super loud with really good bass and these do the job perfectly. They are super comfy and flexible, deliver great sound, especially songs with good bass, and they're the best looking headphones I've seen. I chose the faux white leather headphones with the golden accents, which again matches great with my other items. These were the most expensive item at £25.00.

Last but not at all least, this really pretty portable phone charger. I've wanted one of these for so long and it's been such a handy purchase that I couldn't live without now. It's been great for use at work, or when I go out shopping all day, my phone battery seems to disappear within 2 hours and this holds a full charge so I don't have to be anxious about running out of juice all day. It's a small and light silver sparkly tube that's a lot smaller than I imagined, it can be charged via your computer/laptop using a USB port, and the cable is extremely chunky so there's no worry about it developing turtle neck syndrome. This charger was £20.00.

I've found it enjoyable and refreshing to write up a post that isn't a beauty review- let me know if you like this and there will be more lifestyleish posts coming your way.


Why Not To Judge A Book By It's Cover

I'm very much lured or put off products due to their packaging, I'm all about something sleek and visually pleasing that matches my style, my ideal packaging is that similar to Nars, black and white, simple, sleek and it looks like luxury; I was put off the idea of buying the Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar palette for such a long time because of my packaging snobbery.
I've had Too Faced eyeshadows in the past, as well as other products and I've had nothing but positive things to say, so after hours of googling swatches of the gorgeous browns and golden shades in this palette I finally bought it. I think I'll be using all of the shades apart from the bright blue and the light pink in the top row there.
Too Faced are an amazing brand that are also cruelty free, their products are all such a high quality, have gorgeous smells and cute names, the packaging is known to be 'cute' and I'm not one for being cute. Overlooking that, I'm so glad I finally jumped on the bandwagon.

Bar the packaging- this is close to being my favourite palette, (and I have a stupid amount of palettes, filled with browns and blacks and creams and golden shades.)
It's the texture of these shadows that I really love, they are in a total league of their own for creaminess, which makes them a joy to apply and blend.
The drop down and fall-out is very minimal and of course the pigmentation is well, it's as good as it's ever gonna get.

The shades I've been using day after day are Bon Bon, Caramel, Truffled and Mousse, together creating a golden orangey toned eye with a brown smoked out finish, sometimes with a tiny little black 'Licorice' in the outer corner too.
Oh, did I mention that this entire palette smells of chocolate? As well as all the eyeshadows? This makes it unique from any other eyeshadow palette and uniqueness is something I do appreciate. I think it's very hard to be individual and create anything new in the make-up industry, but this puts a really quirky twist on a mainstream product.

Now I've broke out of the packaging issue, I'll be buying a lot more products from Too Faced, I've got my eye on the new foundation and the chocolate bronzer.


An Ode To Givenchy Foundations (It's A Breakthrough)

Why don't I see anyone blog about Givenchy foundation?!
 My two favourite foundations are from Givenchy and I am so up for buying all 4 because I know I'll get my moneys worth.
A while ago I blogged about the Photo Perfexion foundation and  raved about how much I loved it, and I'm back to rave about another Givenchy base, this time it's Eclat Matissime (£30-£34) dependent upon where you buy it.)

This foundation has changed errthing.
When I think of matte foundations, I think dry, patchy, clingy, uncomfortable, cakey...and my skin does have a tendency to be dry sometimes, so I haven't even looked at a matte foundation for about three years. I usually opt for dewy, glowy light bases and tinted moisturisers, but recently I've been using a lot more powder than usual, applying more foundation and worrying about shine which is so unlike me.
To save the hassle of powdering three times a day and layering on a foundation, why not just buy a matte foundation?
At first, I was extremely hesitant, but in Givenchy, I trust. I saw this on the Debenhams website and was instantly drawn in to this one in particular because of the sleek minimalistic packaging that reminds me of NARS (my ultimate weakness.)
And after all these years of avoiding matte foundations? I LOVE this stuff, it's easily my new favourite foundation and I'm so surprised.

Amazing  staying power? Yes
Perfect light/medium coverage? Yes
Amazing colour match? Yes
Gorgeous scent? Yes
Easy to apply? Yes
Keeps me matte all day? Yes
Less need for powder? Yes
SPF? Yes!

Zero cake, zero dryness, zero tightness in my skin by dinner time. I'm pleasantly surprised.
It's very much similar to Chanel Vita Lumière Aqua (which I absolutely love also,) but with a much  more matte finish, but  the coverage and formulation is pretty much identical. In fact, this is even slightly better because it does have a pump rather than just pouring the product onto your hand. Despite the matte finish, it still gives a little luminosity and brightness to my face so I don't look dull and dried up.

Thank you so much for changing my mind Givenchy, I owe you one.
(If you're looking for a matte foundation, try this out!)


Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes

I've been after a new mascara for so long and after reading how much Fleur De Force loves this offering from Tarte I was fixated. The world really must of been working in my favour this day, because when I went onto QVC to order- the beauty deal of the week was 2 of these mascaras for the price of one! I thought this was an absolute steal and you can never have too much of a good thing. After using Too Faced's Better Than Sex mascara for so long and loving it so deeply I never thought I'd find myself buying any other, but I am really terrible with being bored with products and I find re-purchasing dull and it really doesn't give me the joy buying a new product does.
Although I have been really loving this mascara, it still isn't everything Better Than Sex is.

Tarte Lights Camera Lashes (£21.50,) has proven to be a great lengthening and voluminous mascara, not great if you want a really good curl- although I haven't tried using it with curlers yet.
The jet black colour appears to me very matte- the formula is quite dry and usually I'd hate this but this has changed my opinion on dry formula mascaras.
I've experienced zero drop down even when I wear this for 7 hours at work, I don't find myself rubbing off speckles of black from under my eyes every 3 hours anymore.
I've also never had a problem with clumps (at all.) I can apply layer after layer of this mascara and my lashes just won't stick together and there's no smudging on my eyelids. 

I usually love fat, thick brushy brushes on my mascara because I think they make your lashes look thicker and give your eyes that extra bit of umpf.
The skinny wand holds a lot of little bristles that are neither too hard that application is uncomfortable, but not too soft that they can't grab lashes properly.

In the end, Better Than Sex is still my number 1, this is falling in at number 2 on my favourite mascaras score board- (don't worry that doesn't actually physically exist...) 


Welcome To The Family, Jubilation

Just to add to the ridiculous amount of NARS products I have, why not buy another?
In the form of another Dual Intensity 'Blush' (which I'd call a duo highlight but whatever.) I suppose they're whatever you want them to be, but they're very glitzy and to me it makes them very glowy and light reflecting so I use these as a highlight and stick to the original Nars formula blushes.
I quite recently talked about another Dual Intensity blush I'd been loving and writing that post just made me realize how much I adore these little compacts of gorgeousness and how much I needed to have a little Dual Intensity family, so above we have Jubilation. (Yes, this time I took the photos before I destroyed the engraving.) I talked about this product in the shade Craving last week.

Jubilation is described as a 'sparkling yellow gold and a shimmering soft, nude peach,' which I think is spot on. I have been reaching for these two colours ever since this compact was delivered, both of them are gorgeous as a highlighter, or if you don't mind a glitzy blush, they're beautiful for that also.
A beautiful product featuring two shades that are both multi-use? Yes please.

As well as this, it's the texture of these powders that I'm so in love with, in compact they look and feel so solid, I always put so much pressure on my brush thinking it's not picking any product up, but my God it does and I usually end up going a little overboard.
The powders are just so silky, they look amazing applied lightly or layered up for maximum intensity, they never emphasize pores like a lot of highlighters and sit seamlessly on the skin with no blending really required. They feel so weightless on the skin even if I add layer and layer of highlight for major strobing, making them impossible to cake even if you wanted to, (not that anyone would want to, right?)

If you're looking for a gorgeous vibrant glow and a rush of colour in your face, get yourself Jubilation for £30.00.
(Yes I will be buying another shade, yes I will probably blog about it. Sorry not sorry)


Three New Arrivals From MAC

A few weeks ago I found myself spending a lot of money on colours from the new MAC matte lipstick collection, which is a combination of old matte shades and a few brand new ones. I'd read about these months ago and I'd had 'Stone' on my 'to-buy' list ever since, so you can imagine that as soon as they were released I was online adding what I could to my basket. The new matte shades are very much Autumn/Winter themed, they seemed to be all dark shades with cool undertones. (My favourite.)

I opted for Antique Velvet, Stone and Whirl, 3 dark nude shades all the usual £15.50 each.
Antique Velvet being almost black when layered and applied- I was a little scared I would hate it, but it's so different and I really loved wearing it, I'm the type to have dramatic make-up everyday, so much that it doesn't change when I go out drinking to when I'm going food shopping. (Not that I ever do that.

Antique Velvet seems to be the least matte, matte out of the 3, (does that make sense?) it's the most moisturizing, it doesn't drag on application as much as the other two shades and it's staying power isn't as bulletproof.
I have a huge fear of being judged badly for wearing really dark lipstick, I'm aware so many people don't like it or don't understand it, especially where I work everyday, but at the end of the day I love to experiment with my make-up and change it up as much as possible.The pigmentation of this shade is amazing- it can be left as one layer or built up to a darker, bolder shade.

Stone is a very cool toned brown with a hint of a dusky red, unfortunately I wore this once and didn't think I could pull it off at all, which was really disappointing because it was the one I was most excited about. I just don't think my skin tone is suited to it, or maybe it was the way I was wearing my hair or my eye make up, I don't know, it's such a gorgeous lipstick but it just doesn't do me any justice. (My mam also really hates it, which knocked me wanting to try it again.)
It's a little drying, and it does tend to drag a little when applied, but this makes the staying power great. I did have a picture of me wearing Stone but I just felt so awful about it I ended up removing it.

Finally, Whirl.
The obvious most popular of the new releases, this has been all over my Instagram feed, people are just going crazy for this shade because of the widely loved Whirl lip-liner.
I'm not crazy about it and i'm not saying it's not a nice shade, because it is lovely, it's just not that flattering on me and I much prefer the liner, (yes, I think the two are slightly different.)
I also found Whirl to be the most drying, almost as drying and stiff as Ruby Woo- but without the bullet proof staying power. Although it is very easy to wear, it's one of those lipsticks you could pick out of a bag blindfolded, apply and it'll still match whatever look you're going for.


A Week With Luminous Silk

My post "A week with Sheer Glow" seemed to be really popular and receive some great feedback- so when I purchased yet another new foundation I was excited to give you all yet another weeks thoughts, this time testing out Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk. (£36.50.) One obvious bonus this foundation has over Nars Sheer Glow already is that is has a pump, and it won't cost you another four pound to purchase one- or in my case, throw out your old YSL Touche Eclat foundation and cut the pump so it fits onto your Sheer Glow.
As usual, I had to purchase the palest shade, which strangely was '02' if I remember rightly...
This foundation really has me stumped, unlike Sheer Glow or just most foundations in general, no matter what primer, moisturiser or method of application I used, it just didn't make any difference.
Through out the week I used different primers and such, and everyday I still got the exact same finish.
I LOVE it, I don't want the finish to change, it's great the way it is and it's totally lived up to the hype.

This is unlike any other foundation I've tried- it provides semi matte medium coverage, so powder and concealer is totally optional. Despite the great coverage and stunning finish, this just looks like a second skin, it's definitely a "your skin but better" product.
Tuesday morning when I first applied this, my mam actually asked why I'd done all of my make up and put no foundation on...I didn't realize how natural it looked until she pointed it out, the amazing colour match is also a big help. Despite it being a more matte finish than I'm used to, it didn't prove my fear of matte foundations being drying and cakey at all- so this has made me want to start trying more matte'ish foundations again.
I have been applying this using my Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush (£20.00,) with a little bit of finger blending action too.
It's pricey, but I don't regret it and I will definitley be turning to this most days now Autumn/Winter has arrived. It's proved it works well with all my primers, including: Hourglass Veil Mineral, Le Blanc De Chanel and Laura Mercier Hydrating Foundation Primer.

This product is just an all round 10/10, from the sleek luxurious packaging and glass bottle to the wonderfully natural application and perfect skin finish. (And who can resist foundation in a frosted glass bottle? Not me, obviously.)
I didn't give into the hype for such a long time but I'm so happy I eventually did, this has very quickly became one of my favorites.

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