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Sculpting With Anastasia

I've finally got my hands on a "contour kit" from ABH, and to be honest I'm under whelmed.
I was expecting to get such a better, sharper contour with this but it's just giving me the same results as using my usual bronzer and highlight combo.
I got the kit in the light option (obviously) because I'm super pale so I expected this kit to be the least orange and therefore the most natural looking.
It's really not that often I do a negative review, because I genuinely get along great with most products I buy because I do a lot of research before purchasing, but despite seeing so much hype around this I'm just really not impressed.

First of all, I think the packaging looks super cheap- and this was by no means a cheap product and it is from a more high end brand. It's essentially just thick black cardboard glued up, not great for £39.00. 
There's not even a mirror inside which I just think is really rubbish considering the size of the palette.

The 'bronzing' shades, Java, Fawn and Havana have great pigmentation but I find the staying power to be poor, and Havana is way too dark for any pale skinned person- I feel like this belongs to the medium palette.
'Fawn' (the central shade,) is by far my favourite and most used, it's got cool undertones and no orangey'ness to it like all of my other bronzers.
I find that they can apply patchily sometimes, and therefore require building up which leads to them looking too dark and thick.

I find the 3 'highlighting' shades, (vanilla, banana and sand,) I find to be pretty rubbish too.
Banana (again, the central shade,) is good for sharpening up your contour along your cheekbones, but that's about it.
The other two shades I find to be useless, they don't 'highlight' for me at all, they just aren't evident on the skin anywhere.
The pigmentation of the light shades seems to be pretty poor too.

When I've applied these at 7:30am, by the time dinner time comes they've pretty much disappeared off my face- I really wanted to like this palette but I just can't get away with it.
I'm planning to do a Sephora haul soon and get my hands on the Kat Von D Shade & Light palette, which I'm hoping is a little better.


  1. I've got the ABH Cream Contour Kit, and it's a lot warmer in tone but the colours are very pigmented and blend really well. Might be worth considering that kit if you'd try ABH again? It's a shame you didn't like the ABH Contour Kit though, I can see what you mean about the highlighting shades not really coming off the palette.

    Lucy |

    1. I was considering the cream palette but I thought with the shades being warmer it wouldn't be too great for my super pale skin x

  2. That's really disappointing! I was considering buying the palette in Sephora when I was in the states but I'm glad I didn't. I love your honesty in this post!

    Roxie x


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