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Nars Craving Dual Intensity Blush

Nars Craving Dual Intensity Blush is a blush/bronzer/highlight duo that can be used both wet and dry dependent upon how intense you want your strobing and bronzing.
The highlight shade is a pink-tinged iridescent white with a metallic shimmer, and Craving is a medium-dark orangey brown with warm undertones plus a gold shimmer. The highlight shade is by far my favourite highlighter of all time (so far, anyway.)
One of these gorgeous matte black sleek looking compacts will set you back £30.00. 
(The packaging makes me all heart eyes, matte, black, chunky, monochrome.)
The look of the actual powders is also beautiful- they carry the same geometric like square pattern the same as the dual intensity shadows- which I think is such a lovely little touch that adds a little more luxury- it's just a shame mine now looks a mess and I've rubbed that pattern away.

The pigmentation really couldn't be any better, which I was totally expecting hence the "dual intensity" name.

What I love most about this is the texture, unlike my other highlighters/blushers and bronzers- the formula and texture aren't too powdery, therefore they don't ever cake, feel dry and it's fine to build the colour up as much as you desire.
Saying that, I am NOT  fan of these shades used wet.
I used them wet only once and I never would again, I found that they seemed to wipe my foundation away, the pigmentation lessened by a mile and the highlight emphasized pores I didn't know I had in places, horribly.

Despite that, to use dry, I will be buying another one of these, in another nude like shade such as Jubilation. I'm not a fan of using any product wet so it wasn't a surprise to me and definitely doesn't put me off this product at all.
I'd just LOVE it if NARS released some of the highlight shade powders in full sized compacts of their own since their highlighters are all liquid based which I'm really not a fan of!


  1. I'm looking to buy this for my sister's birthday but in Jubilation - I do hope she likes it!xx

  2. What an amazing present, where do I find a sister like you? I'm sure she'll love it x


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