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Another Ode To Another Dreamy Nude Palette

I know, I know, I JUST posted about an eyeshadow but I am so not sorry for producing another so quickly- just look at this beauty.
Another beautiful release from Tarte, this palette is special to QVC (uk) and also limited edition, of course I ordered it the day it was released because I would of hated to miss out on this.
It's yet another nudey day to night palette packed with 16 shades I wear everyday, despite the summery coloured packaging it's very autumnal. If you can get your hands on this, do it, you're set for every look you'll need for the rest of the year.
Highlight shades, tick, crease shades, tick, base shades, tick, shimmers, tick, mattes, tick. What more could you ask for? 

I did a post on the Tarte complete matte palette last month, I raved about it and I'd say the same review goes for this. It has all the same amazing pros.
  • Packaged lovely
  • Huge mirror
  • Good size, not too big, or too small
  • A decent brush is included, it's not great but it's not useless
  • Amazing pigmentation
  • Long wearing
  • Very little/no drop down or fall out
  • Velvety soft texture

Even the little details make such a difference, I love that the Tarte logo is graved into each shadow and each shadow also has such a cute name, I just like to know a lot of thought has went into the production of a product and it's something any brand would be proud to put out there.


  1. Looks like a stunning palette! *-* xx

  2. This looks like such a stunning palette that I need to get my hands on!

    Lucy |


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