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Every blog I follow seems to be ranting and raving about NARS Sheer Glow foundation, it's definitely a beauty blogger cliché product widely used as a photography prop...
Until now I've never considered buying it, but I finally took the plunge last week and forked out over thirty pounds for this foundation that DOESN'T HAVE A PUMP. 
Despite the lack of pump putting me off straight away, I still gave this a go, having read so many mixed reviews, I didn't know what to expect.
Here's how my week with Sheer Glow turned out like...

First ever application- first impressions were all good until I realised how much I need  pump for my foundation, it was pretty awkward to get out- I know I'll waste so much of this!
On Monday I used Le Blanc De Chanel as a base for my Sheer Glow.
The colour match was noticeably the best I've ever had, this is definitely the palest foundation with cool undertones which suits my skin colour absolutely spot on, and so far I've only had 1 foundation ever to perfectly match.
Application was okay, it didn't feel hydrating, look 'sheer' or 'glowly', it give me a medium coverage.
By the time I got to work an hour later, I went to check up on it in the bathroom and noticed it was disgustingly dry and cakey around my nose- which I never ever usually experience.
It made me look dull, pasty and just ew, I couldn't wait to get home to get it off my nose because it felt so tight on my face all day, almost like it was sucking the hydration out of my skin.
So obviously on Monday I was left super disappointed and felt like I'd wasted a lot of money because I wouldn't want to be using it again in a hurry.

Determine to make this not a complete waste of money, Tuesday I opt for a different base and used my trustee Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer ,and the night before I used a micro dermobrasion mask  to ensure that I really didn't have any dry areas.
It must've been the primer, because today it felt a lot less dry and cakey, however still enhancing dehydration more than I would like.
By dinner time again my face felt shrivelled up, dry and just really generally uncomfortable.

Thank God I didn't give up and kept on trying to find a good combination, because on Wednesday I finally found a way to make Sheer Glow a much nicer foundation.
Le Blanc De Chanel was used to prime and protect first of all, then I had a few spritzes of Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, I then went in and used a pea sized amount of NARS Radiant Tinted Moisturiser on the back of my hand, then added a few drops of Sheer Glow- I noticed straight away even the application was so much nicer.
My foundation stayed in place all day- there was no cakeyness around my nose- my face didn't feel tight and uncomfortable even at 5pm when I went home.
There was definitely a radiance and glow that wasn't there before when I used this combination, this is the way I'll be using Sheer Glow in the future, it's just a shame it requires so much prep and other products to perform well when it's so pricey.

Despite having thought I had found my perfect base on Wednesday, I still had products left to try and mix up on Thursday, so I used the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer - which is a lot thicker and heavier than the primers I've used previously, so I had a horrible feeling it would go awfully wrong with Sheer Glow, but the application was actually second best. It was very smooth to apply, blended well and stayed put all day long.
I added some Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer into the mix in attempt to brighten up and add the 'glow' the foundation wasn't giving- it highlighted well but didn't lend Sheer Glow any help.

Over all, I honestly couldn't give you 1 or even a few words to describe my conclusion on Sheer Glow, it's definitely a hit and miss product. I'm also finding it increasingly difficult to dispense everyday without a pump when the amount in the bottle is decreasing.

I feel like those with oily skin would benefit from using this with a primer, people with normal/dry skin like myself, it's going to require a lot of prep and prime before application, and it's really a shame because NARS is my favourite brand and I hate to say anything negative!
I was thinking about trying the NARS Luminous Weightless Foundation next, but I've heard that's super drying so I think I'll give it a miss.

Tell me what you think of Sheer Glow


  1. This is one of the most honest, in depth reviews I've ever read on this product. I personally can't stand sheer glow because as you've demonstrated, its very dehydrating and a LOT of effort. Such a shame, I too am a massive Nars fan and was upset that I just couldn't work with this product.

    Francesca xo // EffStar Beauty // YouTube Channel

    1. Thank you for the lovely feedback Francesca!
      I'm glad you agree!X

  2. The pump makes such a difference I was way over doing it with the product amount before the pump. I hate it doesn't come with one but it's not expensive , when you eventually get your hands on one which is another annoying thing! I thought this was a bit of an average foundation until I used the real techniques buffing brush and now it gives me a flawless glowy base. If you own that brush it makes such a difference to the application xx

    1. Yeah I think i'll be getting the pump ASAP!xx

  3. Glad to hear someone has had a similar experience to me! I made the mistake of wearing NARS sheer glow to work one day and had to remove it by 3pm. I wish I could love it, but it's just not happening unfortunately x

    1. I feel like I can almost love it mixed with tinted moisturiser but alone it's a huge no no!x


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