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A New Launch From Giorgio Armani

A new launch from the Giorgio Armani beauty range is the Fluid Sheer (£36.50,) which comes in an amazing 15 colours. (I want ALL 15 of them!)

Described as a "liquid illuminatior", this product is totally multi-use, particularly the shade I chose- It can be used as a blush, highlight, bronze, on your eyes, or mixed with foundation. Yes, it's pricey but it's such a versatile product you cannot go wrong with, you're going to like it one place or another on your face.

The Sheer formula mixes well with foundation or just with spot application, t
he shimmer isn’t obvious in a way that it just looks natural.
It  works lovely as a subtle highlight, but the sheerness of the product makes it a lot less obvious than say using a powder highlight.
I found that it didn't emphasise pores, which a lot of liquid products like this tend to do. 

I like to apply this with my finger tips and dot up my cheekbones with product before tapping gently to blend in, I found that is looks less cakey and just generally a lot nicer when applied this way. 

One pump goes such a long way because I find this shade to be incredibly pigmented- so taking into consideration the size of the bottle, this is going to last a very very long time. (Value for money? I think so.)
I don't need to say much about the appearance of the product- it's gorgeous and luxurious, anything in a glass bottle makes me cave.

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