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Talking Bases: Le Blanc De Chanel

I'm big on primers and looking after your skin- the idea of wearing a lot of make up and not having that barrier between products and your skin freaks me out.
I always refer to the Hourglass Mineral Veil as my holy grail primer, but at £52.00 a bottle it's not ideal to rely on, so recently I purchased a base from Chanel, "Le Blanc De Chanel" at £33.00, which is a little more purse friendly but still has the luxury feeling to it.

Let's start with how much I love the packaging, from the box to the pump of the bottle.
The liquid comes in a frosted glass bottle, including a pump which gives you small but perfect amounts of product, the colour scheme is very sleek and minimalistic, and the signature Chanel logo is engraved into the top of the lid. (There's also a gorgeously refreshing scent to the product.)

This product is not advertised as a primer exactly, so I didn't expect it to extend the wear of my make up or blur my pores, which no, it isn't great for and if you're looking for a correcting base to really keep your make-up put all day to night, this isn't for you.
However, if you like myself, have other products which play that function for you and you just want glowing, smooth, illuminated skin, this may be a good purchase.
This claims to be multi-use, but really I could only see it as a primer after moisturising before foundation, or alternatively just mixing a few pumps with your foundation, (which i'm really not a fan of doing with any products.)

Le Blanc De Chanel works brilliantly with all of my foundations unlike most primers which I have to alternate between dependent upon the foundation I wish to use.

The product first comes out as a white liquid, which turns invisible once applied to the skin, leaving behind a silky soft, glowing blank canvas.


  1. i'm awful and don't wear a primer, this looks good but expensive! x
    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

    1. personal prefrence with primers :-) i'm super skin obsessed sooo x

  2. This looks gorgeous - I love how pretty Chanel products are. I definitely like the sound of it just wish it was little more purse friendly haha!

    Beth x

    Bethany Georgina


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