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Summertime Essential, Urban Decay Setting Spray

This product has been lurking around for a very long time but I only just got my hands on it since starting a job in a very hot, small office. (Also since I started going to sweaty nightclubs.)

This Urban Decay Setting Spray (£21.00,) has been my lifeline recently. On very hot days I use it as both a primer and a "veil" once all my make ups applied. I take it to work with me too, and have a spritz every few hours to cool my face down and stop my make up melting off my face. 
When first applied, it leaves my face feeling very wet but it soaks in very quickly and instantly cools me down. 
The spray has no smell, which is a bonus for sensetive skin but I always like a bit of a scent in products. 

I can also skip taking powder to work with me if I have this, it does not mattify (which would make this amazing,) but it takes the shine away a little and stops foundation from melting away. 

This is a product I'll probably be only using trough the summer time, because towards winter my skin turns away from normal and gets dry. 

What are your essential products during the warmer seasons?


  1. Preach! It's a great lil spray isn't it? I remember in my teens using hairspray on my face for nights out - thank god this came along!


    1. Haha oh my God yes that was something else x

  2. I'm desperate to try this, seems so good! Lovely post x

    Lucy |

  3. my essential product is urban decays all nighter setting spray, its a godsend xx



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