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Marc Jacobs Jewellery

Earlier last week I was bought some Marc By Marc Jacobs jewellery pieces for starting a job, I just had to share them with you because I'm in love with them and I suppose this mixes my blog up and puts aside make-up for once.
I really love Marc Jacobs pieces because they're stylish and modern, but everything always has a fun/quirky edge to it and I think that makes high end brands less intimidating. 

First up, the 'Snake Script Necklace,' (£60.00.) This is such a delicate and simple piece of jewellery but it's so beautiful and really makes a change to a basic outfit.
The necklace reads 'Marc' in a script type font, and on the 'M' are two tiny jewels to make up the 'snakes' eyes.
The chain is incredibly delicate, but the fastening hook has the Marc Jacobs logo engraved into it, and it's attention to detail like this that really makes me admire something.
The necklace came from Harvey Nichols online, gift wrapped beautifully and included a little dust bag for the necklace. 

These stud earrings for about £50.00 are Rose Gold coloured, engraved with the Marc Jacobs logo and designed with a turn lock in the centre of the stud. Attention to detail again with these, even the backs/butterfly's of the earrings are engraved with Marc, which I just thought was a really lovely touch. The earrings came from Selfridges online.

The watch I've actually had since Christmas time, but I wear this religiously everyday and it matches perfectly with the other pieces, this black leather strap watch is around £185.00.


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