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Balancing A Blog And A Job (...And Life)

Before I had a full time job I was amazed that people could actually manage to work, blog and generally live and spend time freely, therefore the thought of getting a job made me feel extremely overwhelmed. I was thinking that I would barely have time to breathe, but it turns out there's actually a lot more time in the day than I thought.

I'm lucky enough to have a quiet job even though I'm there 9-5, Monday to Friday, and not being really busy means I have a lot of time to sit in my own office and schedule posts, I know that's really naughty and I do feel guilty, but I'm not doing anything else, so why not?

Most of my posts I actually write/post and schedule at work now, I only do picture taking at home, usually on Sundays or one night after work the weathers good and there's still some light at 5pm.

I'm a big organiser, I love lists, being tidy, planning ahead, so I found some really cute 'to-do' lists and weekly lists from Amanda Inez on her website here.
Her designs are so quirky and visually pleasing that it motivates me to get more things completed.
I'm guilty of making a big deal out of small things, for example, I will worry that I won't have time to take a shower, which would only take me about ten minutes, but I always over exaggerate time and think that I need an hour to carry out such a simple task. (Better to be safe than sorry, right?)
So there for having lists really helps me out and it's super satisfying ticking things off and even more so when your lists complete at the end of the day.

I also find that not setting myself goals such as 'I'll post everyday this week!' helps me more, because I feel that if I don't achieve the goal, it'll really get me down and put me in a blogging rut.

I don't really have a huge social life to begin with, so neither blogging or work has disturbed it. 
Most Friday nights I go out drinking in town or drink in the house with a friend, Saturdays or Sundays are spent out shopping or having a lazy day with Netflix in bed.
After a weekend of alcohol consumption and barely any sleep, I need to motivate myself al over again to begin the week.
Monday is usually my down in the dumps, cant be bothered day and by Tuesday I start getting back to normal.
I've found that having a nice space to blog in i.e, a desk set up makes it a lot easier to want to write than it is when I'm lying in bed.


  1. I love this simple little post! I totally agree though, making lists of things really does help me manage and schedule things so much better!

    - blogabouthanney xo

  2. I'm exactly the same as you, and I spend a lot of my free time at work writing and scheduling posts. It get's really quiet at my work, especially in the evenings so I use a lot of that time for blogging. I'm a huge fan of lists too, it helps me get so much more done! Great little post x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

  3. yeah, full time jobs and blogging is definitely something to consider when you're looking into going full time with your job, but if you allow yourself the time outside of work, it gets really easy. i like setting goals, but that's really only where i differ from you in this post. scheduling is easy, and i come up with all of my ideas at work.

    brooke | brooke elise


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