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Chanel's Orgasm

Swoon, swoon, swoon. 
This drop dead gorgeous and limited edition blusher from Chanel at £31.00 is fairly new to my dressing table.
However, it's pretty much identical to the cult favourite NARS Orgasm blush which I also use daily, in both texture, colour and packaging. (Of course that didn't stop me buying it.)
I get such satisfaction from buying luxury branded make-up and once I see something I like, I need it ASAP.

The colour is a beautiful soft rose golden, paired with a silky texture and great pigmentation. It's one of those products that really shows off when the light catches it and the golden flecks really show up. The texture of NARS Orgasm is a lot creamier than this, where as this feels slightly more lightweight and silky.
Being a monochrome lover the packaging appealed to me too, although the plastic I think looks really cheap, it almost looks like a fake Chanel product, which isn't great considering the price you pay. The rubber black packing of Orgasm however, doesn't look tacky at all. 

As per usual, the brush provided in the compact is useless, 

(but nobody really uses them, right?


  1. It looks cute but I think we pay for the brand not for the quality. Thank you for sharing!

    The Color Palette


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