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An Ode To The Tahiti Laguna

A congratulations is due, well done to NARS for creating the first in compact mini brush that isn't completely useless.
I've previously written a post with an ode to the NARS Laguna bronzer, stating it's the ultimate pale skinned match, I love my Laguna so much, that I purchased the Tahiti compact.

The differences between the original Laguna and the Tahiti version are that this new compact comes with a mini Ita Kabuki Brush, which sells for £43.00 just on its own! As much as I love NARS, even I wouldn't pay over forty pounds for such a slim and simple brush, so this bronzer is the perfect opportunity to try it for (much) less.
This brush is designed for contouring, it's not going to be very useful if you want to use this bronzer for general all over face application, so if that's what you want, opt for the original. It delivers a very sharp cheek contour that requires some blending out after application. Although it looks a little weirdly shaped, it's very comfortable to use because it's designed with a rubber handle, I love that they've also took detail into account and still engraved the logo into the miniature brushes.

The Tahiti gives you 10g of bronzing powder rather than the usual 8g, so if you're a fan of this already, it might be a good idea to try and get this whilst you still can, I'm pretty sure it's limited edition. 

However, it's not 100% matte despite looking that way in pan. It's not noticeably glitsy or shimmery but there's definitely a glow. The over all tone is very sun-kissed, warm and gives you a healthy looking complexion. 

The Tahiti is also huge, when it was delivered I was genuinely shocked at how big it was, it's bigger, fatter and heavier than 2 of my NARS eyeshadow palettes put together, the advantage of it being so huge is that you also get a good sized mirror. If I was travelling, the weight and size of this wouldn't put me off taking it with me, because the mirror would be so useful and it's probably the best in-compact mirror I have. 

As with all powder products from NARS, the formula is super smooth and easy to work with, the bronzer is easy to both build up and blend out. I've had no issues with it clinging to dry areas or wearing off my skin over the course of a day.

As always with NARS, the packaging is simple but modern and even the miniature brush looks sleek. Yes, it gets messy- I'm totally used to this happening because I use so many powder products from NARS, I find myself cleaning them all every couple of weeks.
This edition is £39.00, where as the normal Laguna is £27.50, but you are getting more product and a small version of a brush worth £42.00.


  1. Love the look of the bronzer and it's awesome that it has a brush that actually works . i haven't found one perfect for my skin tone. I'm going to look forthis one. Thank you for sharing!
    The Color Palette


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