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An Ode To The Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm

It's been a long time since I talked about any skincare because I don't often buy anything new, I like sticking to my same routine because I know it works.
One thing I am certain will never change in my routine is my choice of cleanser. Applying my cleanser has become such an enjoyful task since switching to the Emma Hardie Morninga Cleansing Balm, (£38.00.) There's also a larger sized tub that I'm definitely going to purchase next time for £49.00. It's been a total game changer for me and I honestly don't think I'll ever like a cleanser as much as I love this.

I'd start with the bad points, but there genuinely isn't anything negative to say about this product, it's definitely my holy grail skin product and there's so many reasons why. 
It smells so good! The scent is so soothing and applying this is almost like some sort of aromatherapy experience.  
It may be a little pricey but it's worth it- a small amount goes such a long way when water is added to the mix, it doesn't how much make up you have on, a little is more than enough. It's not something you'll find yourself having to pull out for every month- I've had mine since February and I'd say it's only half gone! 
Not only can it be used as a cleanser but also an overnight or just general deep mask. If my skins feeling dry or just generally dull and tight, I'll apply a layer of this and leave it on all day, sometimes I even forget to wash it off because after about 5 hours it soaks into the skin, which is great because it saves me moisturising. And of course you have a gorgeous smell lingering around you all day. 
It's amazing at removing make up, the best way of describing it is that it melts it away, even my heavy smokey eyes, eyelashe glue and "waterproof" bulletproof eyebrow mousse budge straight away when some of this is rubbed over. 
The balm has a wonderfully soft, silky texture and it's incredibly hydrating, perfect for those of us with dry skin.

My skin just loves this, I feel like its thanking me for applying it, it leaves me feeling super clean and fresh. 
Withoutp a doubt I'll be trying more products from Emma Hardie next time I venture into Space Nk. 

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