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Amazing Audacious

Everyone and their mother owns a MAC lipstick and could probably write up a review about it, but the lipstick that everyone and their mother should REALLY own is the NARS Audacious, at £24.00, they are more expensive, but they're coming from a more premium brand along with many other benefits that make this the best lipstick bullet.

I want to start off my saying how satisfying and visually pleasing these bullets are, each is magnetic, so your collection will stick together, the lid is also magnetic, so if you put it on the wrong way, it'll swerve around on it's on into the correct place and click, surely this just isn't me that's so in love with this?!
And the engraving of the NARS logo into the byllet it's self is also extremely pleasing for my eyes.

The shade range is fantastic, ranging from barely there nudes to bold reds and purples. So far I've only purchased lighter shades but I'm desperate to get my hands on some more. (A lot more.)

This lipstick is also bulletproof, I wore it at work 9-4, and in that time drank and ate and smoked, and it didn't budge, the pigmentation was still all there. So it's a 10/10 for staying power, pigmentation and colour pay off. 

Both of the shades I have are semi matte, leaning a little more towards satin when first applied. I love this because it means it takes so much longer for your lips to feel dry, where as MAC matte lipsticks apply matte straight away and therefore your lips feel shrivelled up after a couple of hours.

I can't wait to expand my Audacious family, let me know if you love them too!


  1. I haven't heard a bad word about these lipsticks, everyone seems to absolutely love them! I think I'm going to need to treat myself! This shade is so gorgeous! x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

  2. the audacious lipsticks are some of my absolute favourites, i can't wait to get my hands on more. i definitely recommend charlotte if you're looking for a great red.

    brooke | brooke elise

    1. I've looked at Charlotte a lot! Just not sure if I suit really dark bold colours :(

  3. I love NARS packaging. It's so sleek. That color is gorgeous.


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