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Amazing Audacious

Everyone and their mother owns a MAC lipstick and could probably write up a review about it, but the lipstick that everyone and their mother should REALLY own is the NARS Audacious, at £24.00, they are more expensive, but they're coming from a more premium brand along with many other benefits that make this the best lipstick bullet.

I want to start off my saying how satisfying and visually pleasing these bullets are, each is magnetic, so your collection will stick together, the lid is also magnetic, so if you put it on the wrong way, it'll swerve around on it's on into the correct place and click, surely this just isn't me that's so in love with this?!
And the engraving of the NARS logo into the byllet it's self is also extremely pleasing for my eyes.

The shade range is fantastic, ranging from barely there nudes to bold reds and purples. So far I've only purchased lighter shades but I'm desperate to get my hands on some more. (A lot more.)

This lipstick is also bulletproof, I wore it at work 9-4, and in that time drank and ate and smoked, and it didn't budge, the pigmentation was still all there. So it's a 10/10 for staying power, pigmentation and colour pay off. 

Both of the shades I have are semi matte, leaning a little more towards satin when first applied. I love this because it means it takes so much longer for your lips to feel dry, where as MAC matte lipsticks apply matte straight away and therefore your lips feel shrivelled up after a couple of hours.

I can't wait to expand my Audacious family, let me know if you love them too!


Yves Saint Laurent Change The Bronzing Game

I've become obsessed with bronzers due to the paleness of my skin, and for someone that doesn't tan, bronzers are a God send. I have more bronzer than I'll ever use but yet I still buy more when there's a new release, (currently after the new Hourglass bronzers! Tell me your thoughts if you've tried them!)

Recently I took a dip out of  powder bronzing and purchased this new product from Yves Saint Laurent, the Les Sahariennes bronzer balm, (£31.00.) It's very unique and totally worth the price tag. I got told buy an assistant on the YSL counter that if I wanted it for contouring, I would be best with the second darkest shade.
This product is a creamy, gel like but super soft bendable formula, it comes with a special double ended brush, one side for contouring, the other for general all over application. The brush however is not great for blending out, I have to turn to my Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush to blend this out of a straight sharp line, otherwise you're going to look hilarious.

When first applied, the product feels like a creamy gel, which makes application a dream, it's best described as a "balm", it blurs out imperfections and it's totally matte.  Once the product settles on the face, it then turns into a more powdery feel, it's really quite strange and I was baffled when I swatched it in store, you can literally see it turn from balm to powder.

The packaging is really luxurious, black and gold is definitely my weakness- the compact even comes with it's own bag with a compartment for the bronzer and it's brush.

A Luxury Product That's Worth The Luxury Price

First of all, sorry for my absence! My follower count hasn't budged for a long time and it's super un-motivating, I've also started a job which means I have 1/4 of the time I used to.
 I thought I'd "return" by raving about a holy grail product of mine, the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, £52.00+, so we're really talking luxury brands here- it really is a lot of money for a bottle of white fluid that isn't even evident on your face, you really have to be bothered by the finish of your make up to buy this, because it's the results you're paying for, (probably partly the brand name to.) 

I've had Smashbox primers, YSL primers, but nothing quite does the job as well as this does. Although I am after the new Tom Ford primer, I imagine it's very similar to this- the price tag certainly is.
 Everything shouts luxury with this, from the glass bottle to the golden toned boxed packaging. If you want smooth, flawless make up, you need this. 
One or two pumps covers my face after moisturising, it's an extremely thin, lightweight white liquid which turns clear once applied. It fills in pores, and most importantly creates a barrier between your skin and all the make up you apply. 

After using this, I wouldn't go back to any cheaper primer. I've had my bottle since Christmas and it's just hit half empty, which is heart breaking. It gives such an airbrush finish to my make up so it's totally worth it. When it comes to removing my make up, the skin benefits of this really show off. My skin is left evenly toned, smooth, and pore free. Of course as well as all of this, it does the basic job of a primer, which is to keep your make up in place for longer. Another benefit is that it provides an SPF, which is important and great for your skin. There's also no scent, which I know some people love in a product, but personally it wouldn't change my opinion if It did have a scent. 


Third Base

If you have a high end budget and are looking for a beautiful finish for dryer skin or normal skin types then look no further. The Givenchy Photo Perfexion Foundation (£31.00,) has been reviewed previously, providing a soft, glowing and flawless finish. This Yves Saint Laurent primer is a new launch as an extension of the Touché Éclat range. 
These two products work together like a dream, the blur primer gives you a soft, silky base perfect for this medium coverage foundation to sit on top of. The primer feels lovely on the skin, and very hydrating. The foundation is also Givenchy's most hydrating base. 

The primer feels very gel like, pretty much the exact same as the Smashbox Photo Finish primer but this YSL option makes my face appear a lot more glowy, which I'm guessing is from the golden pieces in the bottle, (which you don't get on your face.) 
2/3 pumps of each product usually covers my entire face, some days I just apply primer around more pore' areas like my nose. 
In the end, the two don't feel ultra light weight on my face which I do love in a product, but they give me a healthy glow on days I need a little more coverage than I would get from my tinted moisturiser. 


An Ode To The Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm

It's been a long time since I talked about any skincare because I don't often buy anything new, I like sticking to my same routine because I know it works.
One thing I am certain will never change in my routine is my choice of cleanser. Applying my cleanser has become such an enjoyful task since switching to the Emma Hardie Morninga Cleansing Balm, (£38.00.) There's also a larger sized tub that I'm definitely going to purchase next time for £49.00. It's been a total game changer for me and I honestly don't think I'll ever like a cleanser as much as I love this.

I'd start with the bad points, but there genuinely isn't anything negative to say about this product, it's definitely my holy grail skin product and there's so many reasons why. 
It smells so good! The scent is so soothing and applying this is almost like some sort of aromatherapy experience.  
It may be a little pricey but it's worth it- a small amount goes such a long way when water is added to the mix, it doesn't how much make up you have on, a little is more than enough. It's not something you'll find yourself having to pull out for every month- I've had mine since February and I'd say it's only half gone! 
Not only can it be used as a cleanser but also an overnight or just general deep mask. If my skins feeling dry or just generally dull and tight, I'll apply a layer of this and leave it on all day, sometimes I even forget to wash it off because after about 5 hours it soaks into the skin, which is great because it saves me moisturising. And of course you have a gorgeous smell lingering around you all day. 
It's amazing at removing make up, the best way of describing it is that it melts it away, even my heavy smokey eyes, eyelashe glue and "waterproof" bulletproof eyebrow mousse budge straight away when some of this is rubbed over. 
The balm has a wonderfully soft, silky texture and it's incredibly hydrating, perfect for those of us with dry skin.

My skin just loves this, I feel like its thanking me for applying it, it leaves me feeling super clean and fresh. 
Withoutp a doubt I'll be trying more products from Emma Hardie next time I venture into Space Nk. 


Chanel's Orgasm

Swoon, swoon, swoon. 
This drop dead gorgeous and limited edition blusher from Chanel at £31.00 is fairly new to my dressing table.
However, it's pretty much identical to the cult favourite NARS Orgasm blush which I also use daily, in both texture, colour and packaging. (Of course that didn't stop me buying it.)
I get such satisfaction from buying luxury branded make-up and once I see something I like, I need it ASAP.

The colour is a beautiful soft rose golden, paired with a silky texture and great pigmentation. It's one of those products that really shows off when the light catches it and the golden flecks really show up. The texture of NARS Orgasm is a lot creamier than this, where as this feels slightly more lightweight and silky.
Being a monochrome lover the packaging appealed to me too, although the plastic I think looks really cheap, it almost looks like a fake Chanel product, which isn't great considering the price you pay. The rubber black packing of Orgasm however, doesn't look tacky at all. 

As per usual, the brush provided in the compact is useless, 

(but nobody really uses them, right?


An Ode To The Tahiti Laguna

A congratulations is due, well done to NARS for creating the first in compact mini brush that isn't completely useless.
I've previously written a post with an ode to the NARS Laguna bronzer, stating it's the ultimate pale skinned match, I love my Laguna so much, that I purchased the Tahiti compact.

The differences between the original Laguna and the Tahiti version are that this new compact comes with a mini Ita Kabuki Brush, which sells for £43.00 just on its own! As much as I love NARS, even I wouldn't pay over forty pounds for such a slim and simple brush, so this bronzer is the perfect opportunity to try it for (much) less.
This brush is designed for contouring, it's not going to be very useful if you want to use this bronzer for general all over face application, so if that's what you want, opt for the original. It delivers a very sharp cheek contour that requires some blending out after application. Although it looks a little weirdly shaped, it's very comfortable to use because it's designed with a rubber handle, I love that they've also took detail into account and still engraved the logo into the miniature brushes.

The Tahiti gives you 10g of bronzing powder rather than the usual 8g, so if you're a fan of this already, it might be a good idea to try and get this whilst you still can, I'm pretty sure it's limited edition. 

However, it's not 100% matte despite looking that way in pan. It's not noticeably glitsy or shimmery but there's definitely a glow. The over all tone is very sun-kissed, warm and gives you a healthy looking complexion. 

The Tahiti is also huge, when it was delivered I was genuinely shocked at how big it was, it's bigger, fatter and heavier than 2 of my NARS eyeshadow palettes put together, the advantage of it being so huge is that you also get a good sized mirror. If I was travelling, the weight and size of this wouldn't put me off taking it with me, because the mirror would be so useful and it's probably the best in-compact mirror I have. 

As with all powder products from NARS, the formula is super smooth and easy to work with, the bronzer is easy to both build up and blend out. I've had no issues with it clinging to dry areas or wearing off my skin over the course of a day.

As always with NARS, the packaging is simple but modern and even the miniature brush looks sleek. Yes, it gets messy- I'm totally used to this happening because I use so many powder products from NARS, I find myself cleaning them all every couple of weeks.
This edition is £39.00, where as the normal Laguna is £27.50, but you are getting more product and a small version of a brush worth £42.00.


Budget Benefit

It's not often I can talk about anything drugstore on my blog since my dressing table is dripping in high-end brands because I've become such a make-up snob, (sorry not sorry,) I know everyone likes a little variety so I jumped at the chance of writing about a product from Makeup Revolution. There's been a lot of Instagram pictures floating around of the brands eyeshadow palettes, everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon, but not actually trying anything else from the brand.

I received the Benefit Magic Ink Jet Black Liquid Eyeliner last Christmas, selling for £15.50. 
Don't get me wrong, it was a great eyeliner and I couldn't fault it, however I couldn't get away with using the liquid tool, I create a much better flick using a pen style eyeliner.

Anyway, I handed this Benefit eyeliner down to my mother and when she was running low she went out and brought home a liner from Makeup Revolution, and she hasn't stopped singing it's praises. I wasn't convinced, so I used the liner for a day to see for myself. 

First of all, the Makeup Revolution liner is only £1.50!
 If you love beauty on a budget, this should be on your to buy list.
The liner stays jet black all day long, doesn't smudge or leave 'half moons' on the top of your lids. The applicator is actually better than Benefit's because it's longer, however it's pretty hard so gentle application is a must. 

When swatching on the back of my hand, I found that rubbing my hand with warm water would not budge the line, it took a good coat of eye make up remover to remove it completely, amazing staying power for such a ridiculously cheap product. 


Zoeva Rose Golden Complete Eye Set

No apology for the amount of images in this post, these brushes are totally swoon worthy and very nice to photograph. I really should start taking photographs of products before I cover them in eyeshadow too, oops. 
Last week I was lucky enough to cross another item off my wishlist, this gorgeous Zoeva brush set ordered from (Which gave me free next day delivery AND  luxury size sample. Highly recommend, they stock a lot of Zoeva.) The set was £61.50, which sounds a lot of money, but if you work it out between each brush, the case, and holder, it's really not that bad at all. I've bought single brushes for £30+ in the past, and with Zoeva, I get that same quality but for a better price.

Each brush was individually wrapped up in plastic, with a protective thick plastic cover on the brush head. (As spotted lying in the bottom of my holder there.)
Each brush is also engraved with 'Zoeva Rose Golden,' followed by the name of the brush.

Left to right, in the holder we have: 238 Luxe Precise Shader, followed by the three brushes laid on the white surface, 227 Luxe Soft Definer, 221 Luxe Soft Crease, finally 235 Contour Shader. In the brush bag left to right we have: 230 Luxe Pencil, 142 Concealer Buffer, 325 Luxe Brow Light, 228 Luxe Crease, 310 Spot Liner, 221 Luxe Soft Crease, 231 Luxe Petit Crease and last of all, 322 Brow Line.

There are twelve brushes in total, all for the eye area. They also have a rose golden set with holder and case complete with brushes for your face, but I opted for the eye set first because that's the part of my make-up I spend most of my time (and money,) on. I'm totally going to add to my collection and hopefully get my hands on the matching face set soon, I've been so impressed by the quality of these that I can't really go wrong buying another lot.

If you're familiar with a MAC 217 brush, you'll love this set. There brushes are really fluffy when needed, there's 2 or 3 that are a complete dupe of the 217 which will set you back £20 just for one eye brush.

The all around attention to quality and detail is amazing, every brush is perfected, polished and so soft, the appearance of the brushes is a huge bonus and I am loving how good they look on display on my dressing table. The quality of the brushes is on par with high end brushes I have from NARS and MAC, they are a genuine pleasure to use and make my eye make-up so much easier to do. 
I completely understand why everyone raves about Zoeva brushes and they are not wrong in doing so, if you don't already, get yourself some.

They also smell really good, (is that weird?)

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