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Tarte's Answer To Anastasia DipBrow?

Everyone and their mother is raving or lusting after the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, having never tried it myself I don't understand what makes it so above the rest of the hundreds of brow products out there.

I have been loving my Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Brow Mousse (£25.00.) Unlike the Dipbrow, the Tarte mousse comes with a double ended brush, one for combing your hairs around and the other for applying the colour. I have found that the brush is the perfect size for drawing my brows in.

Yesterday I made another amazing discovery about this product, I usually have an issue with not being able to itch my eyebrow without wiping half of it off, but yesterday I accidentally went up to get rid of an itch and when I checked my brows in the back of my phone, still in place, exactly the same, no white nail line through the middle. Huge amount of brownie points for that.

The Tarte brow mousse comes in a range of shades just like the Dipbrow, ranging from blonde to black.
A little product goes a long way, I find it really easy to create that ombre effect by applying first to my tail and then using the left over product to line under my brow and give a little colour to the other side.
Since it's a mousse there's no problems with drop-down, and since it's waterproof I don't need to worry about it melting from my face if I get sweaty.

The cons of this are that the gel like texture can make it a little difficult to evenly get out of the jar.

As much as I love this and will re-purchase, I still want to get my hands on the Dipbrow just to see what the fuss is about and compare the two together.


  1. I'm still lusting after the DipBrow Pomade, wish we could get it in stores in the UK! This one looks so good too tough! :) xx


    1. Me too! Think I'm going to order it online pretty soon :-)x


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