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There's been quite a hype around Benefit's Gimme Brow, (£15-18,) for a while, and I jumped on the bandwagon in duty free on my way home from Disneyland.
After running out of Gimme Brow I wanted to try another product that was similar, but from another brand so that I could see what worked best for me.
That's when I found myself on the MAC website, looking into the Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set (£13.50.)
I had no idea this product even existed, I've never seen any posts about it, nor have I seen it on a MAC counter.
The first advantage of the MAC option is obviously that it's cheaper, and for a larger amount of brow gel.
As the name states, the MAC brow gel is also waterproof, and I'm pretty sure that the Gimme Brow is not.

The brushes of the two products are also very different, the brush from Gimme Brow is a lot smaller, where as the brush in the MAC gel is longer, thicker and holds a lot more product. 

Benefit Gimme Brow only has two colour options, which are light and dark, which may be a problem if you have awkwardly coloured hair, bright hair or jet black. The MAC Brow Set has a total of 6 shades ranging from light blonde to ebony- I think personally that this is a huge advantage. 

The formula of the Gimme Brow feels pretty dry, sometimes it feels like I'm just combing my brows and not actually applying any gel. Where as the MAC option feels very wet and therefore takes an extra minute to set in place. 

Overall, I'd say MAC won this battle, there's the advantage of the colour options, more for your money and it's waterproof. Great for the Summer season in which you may be in a swimming pool or at the beach.

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