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I was really excited to place an order at MAC for one of the new 'Eyes On Mac' palettes for £30 each, there are four colour options and I chose "Amber x9," a set of 9 warm toned neutrals. 
I find that there's constantly rave reviews about MAC eyeshadows on my Bloglovin' feed, so I had pretty high expectations. Let's just say, Cara's facial expression in the image above shows exactly how I felt when my palette arrived. The palette includes some of MAC's permanent shadows, some from limited edition products and some exclusive to the palette its self. 

It looked gorgeous, I was thinking about all the looks I could create and how excited I was to use it for the first time. That's until it came to using it...

The pigmentation of these eyeshadows is appalling, there's pretty much no colour pay off with any of the shades apart from 2 or 3.
The first 3 shades in the top row are swatched on the left side of my arm, believe it or not, it looks like there's nothing there, but I swear that I rubbed on the shadows so hard just to get this result.
If I didn't already throw away the packaging, I would of returned this palette.
None of the shades have a very nice texture to them, either. The mixture of matte and satin finished shadows feel all way too dusty and dry. There's absolutely no creaminess, making them a little hard to blend.
The amount of pressure I'm having to apply to my MAC 217 brush to collect ANY colour to put on my lid is shocking, I tweeted MAC about the issue and they suggested buying their eye primer.
Just stating that I have tried both the Urban Decay eye primer and the NARS Pro Prime and nothing makes these any better.

They really have not given me a good first impression, I'll stick to just buying lipsticks from MAC.

I'm left wishing I purchased an Hourglass blusher now.
I suppose there's a few pros to the palette, such as the size, which would make it perfect for travelling. There's a good range of shades with various finishes that can adapt to day or night.

Left to right: Cozy Grey, Kitties, Georgia Peach, Ricepaper, Creative Copper, Cork, Don't Tell, Aromatic, and finally Pepper Please.


  1. I would definitely take it back even though it doesn't have the packaging, you might have a dud or be able to exchange it! Shame as it looks like it had the potential to be nice! x

    1. I'm considering it! So gutted about it :-(x

  2. omg thats such a shame!! Love the pictures though xxx

  3. It's so disapointing when it's from a brand such as Mac to suggest buying another product to fix the first one! However I would say give the single eyeshadows a chance, I buy mine as refills but just spend a bit of time swatching them first or get a Mac artist to put them on you so you can see how they look before you buy.


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