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Worth The Splurge, YSL Volupté Shine

Can I just start off with yes? Do not hesitate paying £25.00 for one of YSL's hard-to- photograph- Volupté Shine lipsticks. This was my first ever high end lipstick, I skipped the MAC collecting stage and jumped straight in at the luxury end, above lies £75.00 (!), which is a little scary but I can't resist. It's always a pleasure going up to a YSL counter too, I find that the assistants are always very pleasant and keen to help. It's no surprise that these are one of YSL Beauty's best selling products, and here's why.

First of all you can't ignore the appearance, anyone would be drawn to how they look, it shouts out luxury. Golden, with the signature brand logo in 3D wrapped around the bullet with a background colour of your chosen shade. I own a lot of lipsticks, but these fall first place in looking gorgeous. Once you buy one, you want them all. I love how they look lined up on my dressing table, and I plan on making the line much longer.

The pigmentation is amazing, I can't find a fault in the colour. It doesn't require building up because one swipe of this and your lips are shining with a vibrant shade. That pigmentation will last for hours on end, and even when the shine starts to fade, the colour still remains put on your lips until you decide it's time to remove it.
There's a large range of colours, reds, pinks, nudes, and darks, I highly doubt you'll struggle to find a Volupté Shine you like. I have one orange, a dark nude and a plummy shade, (which is currently my favourite lipstick.) 
As well as delivering amazing colour and staying power, the shine makes your lips appear fuller, which is what everyone and their mother is chasing at the moment.

The texture is a dream, it glides on the lips and makes them feel super hydrated, and I don't feel like my lips are crumbling apart at the end of the day. There's no sign of these little gems being sticky despite the high shine factor.

I've had so many compliments whilst wearing one from my trio and I can't wait for it to expand.

I'll be reaching for these through the Summer season, just as my pop of colour between all my black clothing.
I honestly don't have a bad word to say about them, worth the splurge? Without a doubt. If you can afford to spend £25.00 on a lipstick, go for it, you won't regret it.
It's pretty much my Holy Grail lipstick, it's really a lipstick full of optimism. (Wow.)


  1. I just love the packaging - it's so beautiful! And those shades look gorgeous. £25 is a little out of my student budget but I think I'll treat myself when I graduate as I've been lusting after these for ages. xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    1. I know they're so good to look at haha!
      Go for it and enjoy it x

  2. Bought my first one of these yesterday in the shade 13 'Pink in Paris'.. so glad I did! Lovely shades you picked!

    Ciara-Rose |


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