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Things Just Aren't Working Between Us

A few products in my stash just don't work for me.
I have always been a cat eye lover and for years I tried out different ways to achieve the perfect feline flick, and this Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner (£18.50,) wasn't helping. I just wanted to change things up and try out a gel rather than my usual tool of choice- a pen. The pigmentation is great, it's a jet black liner that will manage to stay jet black all day. It doesn't smudge easily but it dries up a little, making application a little awkward. I was using the Real Techniques Gel Liner brush with this and every morning was a nightmare, it took me what seemed forever to achieve the right thickness and the right 'shape' of my flick. I won't be attempting to use another eyeliner tool anytime soon, I'll stick to my pen.

Another product I just can't get away with is my Giorgio Armani Smooth Silk Lip Pencil, (£16.20.) I bought this thinking it would be great with my MAC lipstick in Myth, it seemed like just what I wanted when I swatched it in store, but now I apply it to my lips and I just, can't see anything? It's a shame because the formula is gorgeous! It's just as the name states.

The last product that's just sitting looking pretty on my dresser is the Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush at around £21.60 (what a mouthful.) I have the shade Peach Beach and I think it's just too much for my super pale skin, it's pretty pigmented and when the 3 shades mix it ends up looking a lot, and I am really not big on blusher. I can imagine this would look gorgeous on tanned skin, but if you're lily white, you might opt for something with a little less 'whew.'


  1. Makeup regrets are just so pricey that it hurts sometimes!

  2. I've not tried any of these myself, but it's always refreshing to read honest product reviews :)

    Style Sunrise ☀


  3. I've not tried these and probably won't because I'm a student haha but it's great to read an honest review!
    Also, you have a lovely blog :) xxx

    Sam | Samantha Betteridge


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