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£9.00 Dupe For A Nars Satin Lip Pencil

I was having a little nose around my mam's stash and came across these Boots No.7 Lip Crayons, they caught my eye because it instantly reminded me of a lip product widely loved from NARS. It's not often I can do a drugstore post or offer you a dupe for high-end products because I don't buy them myself, but when I find something it's usually a great opportunity. These lip crayons from Boots No.7 are only £9.00, compared to the NARS pencil at £19.00, that's ten pounds difference right? 
There's a good colour range, and they're easy to get a hold of in a Boots store, No.7 have offers on pretty much all of the time too.
There's something about these that I like more than the pencil from NARS too, and it's that they twist up from the bottom, I still can't figure out how to sharpen my NARS lip pencil and it's driving me insane, (if you can help please do comment.)

Although they claim to be 'high shine', I've compared them with the NARS Satin Pencil because I think the finish is pretty identical, I wouldn't go as far as 'high shine.'
They feel really soft and hydrating on the lips, almost like a tinted lip balm. The pigmentation isn't amazing so it does require a lot of build up, but if you would rather save ten pound and re-apply your product often, why not?


  1. These look great for the price! Thanks for sharing :)

    Kirsty |


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