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My Top 4 Nail Colours

You're either someone that can go a long time without having anything on your nails, or somebody that always needs a perfect manicure and re-applies at the first sign of 'chippage.'
Since I stopped biting my nails last year I've fallen into the second category and I'm obsessed with buying high-end nail varnish, I change my nails every week and like to match them up to my mood. I'm not one for multi-coloured, bright nails, I stick to plain, monochrome colours sometimes with a little decoration.
There are four polishes in particular that are my 'go-to' quad that I really haven't stopped wearing since I bought them. There are two from Nails Inc and another two from Ciaté.

The first is from the Nails Inc Limited Edition Crystal Cap range, the shade is called 'The Thames,' and retails around £15.00. This is my first grey nail varnish because I've always struggled to find the shade I really wanted, they've all always either looked too dark or too light and too blue toned but The Thames is my perfect grey, if it were matte it would be at HG status for me.
I apply two coats of this and it lasts for about three/four days without chipping then it requires a little top up, I imagine it would last longer if you applied a top coat but I don't actually own one of those at the moment.
I wear this a lot because it's very versatile, it goes with any lipstick I want to wear, no matter what colour outfit I had on, grey wouldn't ever 'not go.'
It leaves you with quite a thick but smooth gel looking finish.

Brocade Parade from the Ciaté Tweed Collection, which is £9.00 here on LookFantastic.
I actually have the mini size of this because I found it in the Ciaté 'Mini Mani Manor' which they released before Christmas as an advent calender. I've never and probably won't ever use this alone, I use this pretty often on top of The Thames just to spice things up a little. It's such a pretty top coating, it's like the icing on a cupcake, it's very monochrome. It has flicks of black, silver and white. I also really love the name, it really looks like a little crushed up barcode parade on your nails.

The other soild colour I am loving is Savile Row from Nails Inc, (£11.00.)
I was lusting after a berry based nail colour for such a long time and I spent hours one night going through several brands to find my perfect shade, unfortunately Savile Row still isn't my perfect berry because I think it's too dark and in some lighting it looks very dark purple rather than berry. I still really like it nevertheless. I wear this alone for the majority of the time just because it's my little pop of colour in an all black outfit. Two coats of this usually lasts me three days without chipping, (without a top coat.)

Last up is another polish best worn on top of a solid colour, it's Celestial from Ciaté. Unfortunately, you can't actually buy this because it was exclusive to the Mini Mani Manor at Christmas, it was in the final door on day 24 and it was the only full sized polish. This very much reminds me of a starry sky, there isn't any black or white in this the grains are all silver and holographic, which really gives off a night time sky look when worn on top of black. It's great because it doesn't require blotting around and building up like some glitters do, one swipe of the stuff looks enough to cover your nail.

I much prefer the brushes on Ciaté polishes but, I think the consistency of Nails Inc is better, and they both pretty much have the same wear time before chipping.


  1. I have Celestial but haven't gotten around to trying it yet! Can't wait to give it a go now :)

    Roxie ♥

  2. That red is such a beautiful wine shade! I love it :) xx


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